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Succumbs in a sentence | succumbs example sentences

  1. If she partially succumbs and partially rebels, she.
  2. The first possibility: she succumbs to and completely accepts what her.
  3. But money is power, and power succumbs to flattery from people who use you for their own agenda.
  4. But then he disobeys his Creator and succumbs to his whim until he moves from light to darkness.
  5. It is the less sensitively aware animal who succumbs to the perils and dangers of its environment.

  6. Through my stories, I hope the reader understands the insanity the addicted gambler succumbs to, even in a very short time.
  7. The emotion of greed is, of course, a disaster for anyone who succumbs to it because of the surge of adrenaline that runs through the body.
  8. Writings referring to the beast suggest a creature full of evilness and spreads destruction, but succumbs to a supernatural entity of light and goodness.
  9. Though small companies die in dozens and the occasional middle-rank company succumbs, it is fairly rare for a major commercial undertaking to go belly up.
  10. Even if he succumbs to any kind of disease, he will tide over the crisis very easily in a short time on account of his high standard of health and vitality.
  11. That’s the thing if a girl succumbs quickly to a boy’s charm after his had his way with her he’ll tell all his friends about it and of course they’ll try their hand as well.
  12. This planet succumbs to gravitational lock before this sun burns out, but they calculate they have about another billion Earth years, they think fusion power would seriously deplete the planet of water in less than two hundred million.
  13. Still the plain straightforward question why a child of normally healthy parents and seemingly a healthy child and properly looked after succumbs unaccountably in early childhood (though other children of the same marriage do not) must certainly, in the poet's words, give us pause.
  14. Once the Supreme Court succumbs to external (political) pressures or its own unqualified assumptions of Justice, without regard to legality, that legal body can no longer be properly considered an objective interpreter of our nation‘s laws; its critically-minded reviews and summary conclusions centering on the (penumbral) legality of questionable (historical) assumptions….
  15. All these temptations are so great that they evidently intoxicate the author: he succumbs to them, and, though he continues to work out his novels as regards their forms, and does it even better than before, and even loves what he describes, he no longer loves what he describes because it is good and moral, that is, because it is loved by everybody, and hates what he describes not because it is bad and despised by everybody, but only because one thing accidentally pleases and another displeases him.

  1. Succumbing to this, myself, I had.
  2. Tales? he said, succumbing to the.
  3. He stepped back, then crumpled over, succumbing to the pain.
  4. He was succumbing to irresistible, youthful, childish drowsiness.
  5. In his [Augustine’s] view, succumbing to the flesh was at the heart of.
  6. Lotinger had heard of people succumbing to the mirages of the desert before.
  7. The skill comes in waiting for it to set up and not succumbing to an impulse trade.
  8. Impossible! cried the final fisherman, scales away from succumbing to his fate.
  9. If we aren’t overcome by them, we have a good chance of succumbing to the virus.
  10. Once it entered her veins, no amount of willpower could keep her from succumbing to him.
  11. Please assure me you’re not considering succumbing to this troglodyte’s advances.
  12. I felt hot all over and found myself succumbing to his touch as he ran his hands up my legs.
  13. Only the tips of the tallest dunes remained, rapidly succumbing to the relentless rainfall.
  14. She was in love with Damien Reynolds and now she was succumbing to the sense of a new family.
  15. Her guilt over what she had done to Leone was matched only by the shame of succumbing to her 58.
  16. Living an honest, ethical, moral life is more important than succumbing to vices and weaknesses.
  17. Instead of succumbing I sprang again to my feet, looked at her bed, and took a helpless middle way.
  18. She was lost to its sensations, a virgin succumbing to her seducer as it swept her back to Elanclose.
  19. He never got over that fact and remained in poor health before succumbing to his grief a few years later.
  20. She wasn’t succumbing quietly, but whacked me several times with articles that she could lay a hand to.
  21. That is, do not waste this life adopting no rules except succumbing to the desires of the whimsical spirit.
  22. Over the years I’ve been accused of simply succumbing to lust and using marriage as an excuse to justify it.
  23. Trump or a rap star than have the confidence to go about life without succumbing to a yearning to impress people.
  24. With an odious and glacial voice he confronted him pressing to delivering the girl or succumbing up to the death.
  25. Which he was, carelessly, unselfconsciously, unintentionally and mostly succumbing to the temptations that came his way.
  26. He knew that if he turned and saw his own parents succumbing to the virus, he would lose all chance of coherent thought.
  27. He withdrew to his study with the major’s personal life and emerged at nine pm with a muddled brain succumbing to sleep.
  28. Gower, once an honored soldier of Andua, was now succumbing to an incurable illness that had ravaged his once perfect body.
  29. He wouldn’t be imprisoned as Imorbis had hoped, nor would he have to worry about succumbing to the desires of the Plague.
  30. And now Sweden is succumbing to American mass culture and becoming like all the other crime infested industrialized countries.
  31. Succumbing to my desires—desires I cannot yet fulfill—will break whatever progress I’ve made, no matter how small that is.
  32. Too great, the thought of completely succumbing to Sheriff Reynold's charisma, as she knew, would leave her drowning in her own tears.
  33. Her succumbing had been as largely owning to agitation at the re-opening the subject of her separation from her husband as to the hard work.
  34. In meditation, instead of succumbing to these deeply rooted habits of mind, you are simply watching what comes up in your head nonjudgmentally.
  35. With blood everywhere and many of his colleagues succumbing to death and then entering a second life of sorts, Ben knew it was only going worse.
  36. Succumbing to one of her rare moments of despair, Chrissie sat numbly and watched the bird as it wove back and forth across the stretch of water.
  37. Men who normally would have stood their ground in the face of the most furious assault gave way, succumbing to a panic born of surprise, not cowardice.
  38. Out of its top erupt ten thousand sparks, like a waterfall in reverse, lighting the lower landings of fire escapes before succumbing to entropy and night.
  39. Was she great because she conquered, or because she produced? Was it the Persian invasion that saved Greece from succumbing to the most shocking materialism?
  40. The forest that surrounded the area appeared to be succumbing to the weather — leaves were falling, leaving shriveled, bare branches to face the coming winter.
  41. The German lines seem, like the White Star Company, to have reckoned simply with the practical impossibility of a ship like the Titanic succumbing to the elements.
  42. Niki tore at the grass and then pulled her arms into her chest, succumbing to the rocking motion, and Tatiana’s quiet voice, as she whispered, Shhhh, breathe.
  43. Rage came! What rage! She kicked the walls of the tub and pounded her fists against the wall then, succumbing to defeat, sagged into the comfort of debilitating sobs.
  44. Wanderlust was part of his make-up, now, and he didn’t know if he could stop in the same place for long, without feeling claustrophobic or succumbing to itchy feet.
  45. Succumbing to anger, allowing the hate to burn and leave nothing behind, ignoring the ancestors’ supreme respect for life, were the most Melioran things he could do.
  46. George, she complained while succumbing to the weight of his hand in the small of her back steadily guiding her towards the exit, I was just getting going in there.
  47. How does a believer end up succumbing to such demonic influence bringing such torment? Unbelievers may have less protection since their sins have not yet been taken by Christ.
  48. Making a positive change doesn’t even have to cost a dime, and in many instances there are substantial savings to be had by not succumbing to the urge for one more beer, 250.
  49. It is in the realms of man’s vision to ennoble his woman by enabling her taste the fruits of femininity rather than succumbing to her whims for his gratification with her allurements.
  50. Rather than demonize Germany for succumbing to Hitler’s 20 years of systematic brainwashing… people should wonder why when Germans did not openly hate them before Hitler gained power.
  51. It is putting on a trade and succumbing to the enchantment of the whole process including the market, yourself, the prices, the plusses and minuses and the pretty colors on the monitor screen (www.
  52. In spite of all these dangers, Siri’s one remaining desire was to return to his family and the Maasai Mara before succumbing to disease or old age or, increasingly more likely, being killed by a feral.
  53. Rather than succumbing to an adoption system overburdened with orphans, my siblings and I ran to the fringe—the same place where your mother also took refuge, years later—and only I came out of there alive.
  54. These were the cremated remains of sixty Australian POWs—one in every five prisoners—who had died in this camp in 1943 and 1944, succumbing to pneumonia, beriberi, malnutrition, colitis, or a combination of these.
  55. These traders are the rare few who continue to trade their strategy even during difficult times when the market is trendless rather than abandoning their strategy and succumbing to the this time is different view.
  56. Was she being for real? How could she misunderstand his question? He surely didn't mean to make her upset but he needed to know if there would be any repercussions if he were to continue on succumbing to his desire for her.
  57. This Grabetz was a young, thoughtless girl who had gone in for a course of study, perfectly indifferent to revolutionary questions, but succumbing to the influence of the day, she compromised herself in some way and was exiled.
  58. He seemed to startle fully awake then, acting bewildered and then agitated, struggling against the restraints for several seconds before succumbing to the pain of his wounds, turning very frightened and fixing his confused gaze on me.
  59. More likely his choice has been between succumbing to the wiles of the doorbell-ringing mutual-fund salesman on the one hand, as against succumbing to the even wilier and much more dangerous peddlers of second- and third-rate new offerings.
  60. For the first time, Mitchell could see the devastating spiral his life was suddenly succumbing to: the once-coveted third baseman from Cravenswood Florida who had the world by the throat was now a lost soul out at sea without a port to call home.
  61. But now that even Harlem was succumbing to the fires, it was harder to forget that there were actual people involved, and that underneath the spectacle of the city’s burning lay someone’s shelf of LPs, or the cushions of someone’s sofa, or, God forbid, someone’s child.
  62. By wasting most of their excess energy in the morning succumbing to a, a blind fucking-urge, a blind urge to fuck… by doing this for untold thousands, if not for millions of years: this species: our species: us> all of us> you in particular… have lost all claim to human intelligence.
  63. Having revealed that the deeds of the libertines are that which shackle them and that nothing of their actions is neglected, the Almighty wanted to refute their pretense of that the believers deprive themselves of pleasure and bliss when they abstain from giving their spirit its whim or succumbing to its desire.
  64. Nobody had been hurt yet, but how long could her luck hold? Did she have the right to risk these men’s lives? Even if their sacrifices might save Sespian? And if luck favored her, and the counterfeiting succeeded, could she actually bluff Hollowcrest and Larocka Myll into succumbing to her demands with these bills?
  65. It is possible—I have often felt so much weakness in myself that I can conceive even a man of honorable disposition, such as I have always believed Lydgate to be, succumbing to such a temptation as that of accepting money which was offered more or less indirectly as a bribe to insure his silence about scandalous facts long gone by.
  66. With every other man such a misunderstanding would lead, if not to hostility then to a coolness, but the gentle, kind, spontaneous, warm nature of Vladimir Vasilevich and at the same time, his childlike clarity, was such, that I could not help succumbing to his influence and loving him without any thought of the difference of our points of view.
  67. Which image more pornographic: the hormone ginormous, gravity succumbing, ground dragging breasts of the Allmerican Butterballing, prizewinning, thanksgiving dinner, or a Triple Crown winning stallion barebacking a blonde with supersized McBoobs? This is the black hole gravity of an insatiable sexual starvation: violent porn in the bed-nasium and fist-fucking, syringe-semination in the bestial barn-scrapers.
  68. Ah! With such elegance Severa walked with her teapot pouring the precious amber liquid into our cups which exhaled their wonderful aromas: jasmine, orange, cinnamon or lemon! With such mastery she elaborated the delicious, fragile and fluffy pancakes that succumbing over a sea of maple and honey syrup expected the final destination to our mouths! The milk pouring into our glasses was not pasteurized in any way, no!; It came from a white cow with caramel spots, called Scarlet, which lived on a nearby farm whose owner each morning was given to the task to supplying of the precious liquid to some families concerned about the good health and nutritional habits of their offspring.
  1. Her body succumbed to the.
  2. She succumbed to the venom again.
  3. And I succumbed to his conviction.
  4. But I was being succumbed to do it.
  5. Then he would have succumbed totally.
  6. His wife had succumbed to his power.
  7. Eventually she succumbed to her illness.
  8. Selma told me that Paul succumbed to the.
  9. Even the officer of the watch had succumbed.
  10. Mattie finally succumbed to a wave of emotion.
  11. In three months he had succumbed to the cancer.
  12. He knew that, eventually, they always succumbed.
  13. No, night after night we succumbed to our desires.
  14. Not having succumbed to the smoke, they managed to.
  15. Kevin couldn’t respond – he was succumbed by fear.
  16. Eventually, one and then the other, succumbed to the.
  17. Eric couldn't keep up, and his mind succumbed to confusion.
  18. Having almost succumbed to the veil of weariness that had.
  19. Taraka had killed him, but later succumbed to his injuries.
  20. I always wondered at the women who succumbed to his demands.
  21. He lowered himself in the earth and succumbed to the sleep of.
  22. Max had succumbed to hypothermia and slipped below the surface.
  23. The helpless wounded succumbed to her charms without a struggle.
  24. I was sad, and I succumbed to the bullying of this demon chicken.
  25. Alas, so many more succumbed than those few Who returned with me.
  26. Genesis’s legs succumbed to the exhaustion and he tottered over.
  27. I would have succumbed to the poverty and diseases in my homeland.
  28. A kindly lady librarian had succumbed to one of my shameless winks.
  29. The hail of fire slowed down as one by one the guards succumbed to.
  30. The Federation succumbed to political pressure and had me recalled.
  31. Bessie’ s father, Paul Bell, had succumbed to the plague already.
  32. He had succumbed to anger, killed Seraphia and been sent to prison.
  33. In the end the red weed succumbed almost as quickly as it had spread.
  34. His youngest daughter succumbed to her wounds this morning and died.
  35. A seductive appeal to attract the unwise, many had succumbed to the.
  36. He says she would have succumbed to the treatment, not from any cancer.
  37. Padraig stroked his lovers hair as she succumbed to the healing slumber.
  38. He defeated evil for thousands of years, until he succumbed to old age.
  39. In the past, I would have succumbed once again to an urge to purge.
  40. One by one they succumbed to the mental control wielded by Kandras; 762.
  41. Zarko felt guilty, but also glad that he had not succumbed to her charms.
  42. His little one has been taken from him, fallen ill and succumbed to death.
  43. And even he succumbed to the psychological pressures and biases around him.
  44. Stone succumbed to the negative thoughts and relaxed his efforts? Not for a.
  45. The ones that succumbed the easiest; are the weakest wimpiest cultures around.
  46. After that all was tranquil as Shi Chen finally succumbed to sleep and let the.
  47. She succumbed to her illness, he said grimly, not tired at all by his task.
  48. He screamed in sorrow and cried for hours until his body succumbed to its wounds.
  49. Harlan’s face went slack and his eyes glazed over as he succumbed to the trance.
  50. Another ten had succumbed to fire and Papa’s men had taken out a further twenty.
  51. She succumbed for a second, collapsed on the sofa, the new reality settling on her.
  52. Many gargoyles succumbed to their wounds and fell lifeless to the obsidian cobbles.
  53. In a few minutes he stopped quaking and his body succumbed to a dismal uneasy sleep.
  54. In their deaths, Malcolm and Maud had finally succumbed to their most basic emotions.
  55. A quick search showed everyone else had succumbed to the anesthetic, and was out cold.
  56. Four thousand succumbed to yellow fever, malaria, and snakebite during the construction.
  57. It was none too soon because Killian had finally succumbed to his fatigue and his wound.
  58. I had no idea Tdeshi might have succumbed to shonggot at the time so it didn’t connect.
  59. Seems our old friend Frank Collins has succumbed to temptation, he said thoughtfully.
  60. His own father died when he was in third grade and his mother later succumbed to the illness.
  61. The wizard had tried to tell him more, but had succumbed to a violent bout of retching, and.
  62. They were presumed to have succumbed to some freak accident, but the bodies were never found.
  63. He had succumbed to it once, when he had punished his father, but had promised himself that he.
  64. Genesis to have succumbed to is concerned, the inclination to idol-making is a natural constant.
  65. There was no known cure, and most succumbed to the deadly virus within an hour of contracting it.
  66. Yolanda Spelman had succumbed to an incidence of cholera during a trip with her husband to Japan.
  67. She might have curled up and succumbed to fear had it not been for a known voice beckoning her:.
  68. For a while he succumbed to his doubting depression but eventually rallied his faith and courage.
  69. She closed her eyes, drawing her last breath and succumbed to what the fates had devised for her.
  70. There’s only one place that could be: Candor headquarters, where I succumbed to the truth serum.
  71. Nonetheless, those who call themselves Christians have foolishly succumbed to the very same strong.
  72. The principal felt embarrassment at having at least partially succumbed to Segall's satanic fantasies.
  73. Then, after a year in prison, he had succumbed again, attacked Millicent and been sent to the dark room.
  74. The Western Roman Empire lasted about five hundred years and succumbed to the invaders from central Europe.
  75. The look was far worse to resist than the frantic strain: only an idiot, however, would have succumbed now.
  76. Except that, ultimately, I guess I had succumbed to the drug, because otherwise why would I be so groggy now.
  77. Brother Joseph, who had been treating plague victims without a mask since the beginning, had at last succumbed.
  78. The doctor analyzed the symptoms of the malady to which the prisoner had succumbed, and declared that he was dead.
  79. After the Turning, many of my friends and acquaintances succumbed to the secondary phenomenon known as the Taking.
  80. Jillian had been so desperate for companionship the other night that she'd succumbed to Gary's invitation to dinner.
  81. To dispatch these rogues were those who stuck around for the training and never succumbed to greedy evil intentions.
  82. Zombies weren’t really my cup of tea, but given that my grandmother had succumbed to the show’s charms, I agreed.
  83. She did not feel it was necessary to tell Alcyone of Callder’s injury unless he completely succumbed to his wound.
  84. The beings who have succumbed to this outside influence will be gone when these true beings make their presence known.
  85. Fire tracked through his thoughts as they had the first time he’d met Gelahn, the first time he’d succumbed to him.
  86. The thought had come earlier on that perhaps spontaneity would be best in this situation and Adrian had succumbed to it.
  87. She could have easily given up hope, succumbed to the enormity of the situation and retreated into a helpless depression.
  88. Some people never succumbed to the disease, as if they had natural protection; but those who caught it nearly always died.
  89. But when they saw themselves alone in the house they succumbed to the delirium of lovers who were making up for lost time.
  90. Many of the mages had saved themselves from the water, using wind spells as a shield, but some had succumbed to the flood.
  91. Something had happened to him, and by the sound of it, he’d either succumbed to the journey or LanCoste had intercepted him.
  92. The final pitfall to which I’d succumbed was nihilism: an occasional sense of, Whatever, man, everything’s impermanent.
  93. I nearly succumbed to his ministrations, but with every ounce of my quickly weakening resistance I shoved myself away from him.
  94. He succumbed, instead, to bitterness and anger, and then yelled at her in reaction to some comments she made about her new life.
  95. As Yang imminently succumbed to the wave�s vicious force, Mitchell held a large rock that he could barely palm, in his right hand.
  96. Conservative and radical, millionaire and muckraker succumbed to the spell of the Ashton hospitality and the lure of the new dances.
  97. Beatrice was concerned that her hair succumbed under the effects of water and protected herself with a jacket which placed on her head.
  98. The entire Nation has succumbed to a level of corruption reminiscent of the fight for power in the Soviet Union after Lenin was killed.
  99. Liz Bywater, who is President of Bywater Consulting Group, had added some reasoning to why our society has succumbed to being overworked.
  100. As she succumbed to sleep she thought she heard him whisper in her ear, I’m so sorry, but she might have already been dreaming.

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1. Yes, beings who will not succumb.
2. Huge amounts or he will relapse and succumb.
3. Who wouldn’t succumb to an arsenal like that?
4. Miraculously, the Prince of Wales did not succumb.
5. Either we succumb to the curse, or we topple it Mitch.
6. The four unfortunate members of Epsilon succumb to the.
7. As he is about to succumb, he says he is thirsty, and.
8. If any of them happens to succumb, it will tarnish your.
9. She had no choice but to succumb to his touch, his demands.
10. It wouldn’t be long before he’d succumb to dehydration.
11. Many succumb to the habit of eating at a "minute" diner or.
12. Although he does distinguish it but he does not succumb to it.
13. Do not succumb to them;you have to come up with flying colors.
14. If you don't, I might succumb to my first instinct, he said.
15. And you know him; he's never been the type to succumb to injury.
16. Sonya did not succumb to the tender tone Natasha used toward her.
17. Yes, your Supremacy, all men will succumb to lust sooner or later.
18. I realized the choice was mine: succumb or claim my sov’reignty.
19. Sónya did not succumb to the tender tone Natásha used toward her.
20. And as long as there was hope, she would never succumb to the dark.
21. The time will come when all error must succumb to the power or truth.
22. She was a fighter and didn't succumb to it, despite being unconscious.
23. If she allowed them back into her thoughts, she’d succumb to despair.
24. What I experienced devastated me and I will never succumb to them again.
25. This allows them to not succumb to their anger and hatred, and to survive.
26. Many are the children who succumb to the mother's pressing request and her.
27. She decided she would succumb to temptation after her experience in the Arch.
28. Those who are unable to defend themselves with these mechanisms succumb and.
29. When she returned that night, she hoped to succumb to a twelve-hour slumber.
30. Somehow, his family had no choice but to succumb to a land management treaty.
31. In the business of western swing, you either lead, follow or succumb to the.
32. Once that body had succumb the spirit would be free to rejoin the other errant.
33. He sent along some herbs and instructions for using them should we succumb again.
34. The infected will either get well or succumb, and for that, we just have to wait.
35. Some individuals succumb after a couple of hours, whereas others succumb after a day.
36. Thanks to those who refused to succumb to Christian Rome’s oppression and long-term.
37. Every time they try this ploy some weaker suppliers will succumb and agree the new terms.
38. I had to succumb to the truth that maybe I wasn't ready for this intake of sensual seduction.
39. There are many who perished, but any plane that was used on that day did not succumb to death.
40. Each of us has seen friends or family members succumb to alcohol or drugs, illegal or prescribed.
41. He wanted to make sure the newly built house would not succumb to something as pedestrian as fire.
42. We are sitting in our third hiding place, when I succumb to an unexpected bout of sleeping sickness.
43. She would not simply succumb to the desire and passion demands of her body; she wanted to be seduced.
44. The vampire queen is very beautiful, and she uses it as a weapon to ensnare those who succumb to it.
45. He who is endowed with abundant Health Aura and vital force cannot succumb easily to any disease.
46. Johan’s overwhelming sadness swept over Simon, who struggled for breath so he would not succumb to it.
47. I wondered when the adrenaline rush would finally end and you'd succumb to your injuries and fatigue.
48. They would stop at nothing in their attempt to frustrate you, unless you succumb to their stupid demands.
49. Even cautious investors succumb and buy, just as the price is reaching the target area for retail prices.
50. They didn’t know about the blast hatches—this was an old vessel—and they would succumb to the flames.
51. When they were both out of the room, I could let myself succumb to the fright that threatened to overwhelm me.
52. When they raid the house, they usually get everyone, and eventually all the leaders will succumb to the selling.
53. In those hormone-rich times he was even tempted to succumb to their advances, not particularly proud of himself.
54. And so he had not allowed himself to succumb to hopelessness, to simply lie down and wait for fate to select him.
55. It’s been said that practice was a more glorious way to die than to slowly succumb to the afflictions of old age.
56. Any creature human or non-human living under such conditions will succumb to some sort of deep psychological trauma.
57. Garcia knew well enough that Lenar had succumb to the cold water and lack of air, but he couldn’t help his friend.
58. I saw with my own eyes, at least two of those unfortunate folk succumb to heart attacks or something similarly fatal.
59. He’d discovered how the aliens managed to bring down their fast moving prey - a few bites and they’d quickly succumb.
60. I do not believe we should succumb to a strategy which would portray him rushing from one adulatory situation to another.
61. Not wanting to succumb to the enshrouding darkness, Krista fought to keep her eyes open, but failed more than she succeeded.
62. Finally, they would succumb to the pressure to get in, and they would jump in on the move just as it was running out of steam.
63. Until they succumb to their own fears, to their fear of dying… and finally resign themselves to whatever the doctor prescribes.
64. The white crystal ball at the end was a formulated spell that would protect the person who touched the plant to not succumb to evil.
65. When I promised to tame my monster, he told me I already had, just by acknowledging its existence, and resolving not to succumb to it.
66. In her case anyway, were she to succumb in her moment of weakness, then she would suffer even more for having failed to desist from it.
67. I am reminded that great nations having forgotten the lessons of History must inevitably succumb to the complacency of its (own) designs.
68. The girl seems to resist the magic in this world but the Soul Beast is from another – perhaps she will succumb to its unearthly powers.
69. Many attempt to intervene in life and many will still fall ill and succumb to many diseases no matter what preventive measures are taken.
70. Most souls who have had very little experience in balancing the polarities of the Earth, often succumb to the lower frequencies of energy i.
71. My other references are all fictional: Elizabeth Bennet would be outraged, Jane Eyre too frightened, and Tess would succumb, just as I have.
72. And that is why most traders fail; they always succumb to the easy way out, the bad habits that the markets naturally encourage and reinforce.
73. First, she would succumb to the sensory pleasure of crust, salty bacon, fatty cheese and rich tomato sauce, her thoughts silenced by the pleasure.
74. People pray but still eventually ‘physically’ die, people pray, but still succumb to cancer, people pray but still die from natural disasters.
75. Whenever I would succumb to the temptation and have "just a little" I would stress out waiting for the red spots, and sure enough they would appear.
76. This can be related to the previous information, that when your ego is served so well, even the physical can succumb to unsightly marks on the body.
77. Suddenly, a loud crash was heard as a tree succumb to the ice and crashed into the side of the house, tearing a portion of the south wall down with it.
78. Thankfully, the country was still too well oriented to free enterprise to succumb to such a secretively hatched, ultraexpensive, and ill-conceived program.
79. He chose not to succumb to its enchanting lure, reminding himself it was merely the representation of his own internal dialogue rendered in three dimensions.
80. In heavily accented English he spoke, You have not been the first to succumb to the wiles of the dark words and threaten to unleash their unholy offspring.
81. He recalled his prayer published during the war: It might come to pass that we succumb in this fight of righteousness and purity against falsehood and deceit.
82. He would not succumb to any torture the Ministers might put him through, for when all his trials and tribulations had come to pass, he would be a simple man no more.
83. We can also see his power when, with Hermes’ help, Ulysses manages to get Circe to succumb to his will and he convinces her to restore his companions to human form.
84. Some of the wounded animals may live for a while with an arrow hanging out of them, but they’re generally doomed to succumb to blood loss, starvation or infection.
85. The wigs cost a fortune, and the manufacturer took no responsibility after three months of use, but there were few solvent bald men who did not succumb to the temptation.
86. What are we as parents teaching and advocating at home? I have worked with children for years and have personally witnessed some of them succumb to avoidable destructions.
87. Indeed, it would be her strength that would sustain her for a few more difficult years of serious health problems before she would to succumb to life‘s inevitable summons.
88. He led the party in the usual way, according to instructions, and could not possibly foresee that such strong men, like the two whom Nekhludoff had seen, would succumb and die.
89. We plan for old age and build house, invest intelligently but if we succumb to love and write away every thing to our children then we are sowing the seed of pain and suffering.
90. The double bottom in late July is a good reminder to not succumb to the temptation of excluding any lows because the second low on July 25th is the low that completes the puzzle.
91. It is possible at times that these areas succumb to sickness because of sensory overload within a body or existence that has not yet adjusted to the sensory perceptions of these areas.
92. Bromwich has told the industry that he won‘t succumb to ―political pressure‖ to speed up this process and that a slow rate of permits approval is the ―cost of improving safety‖.
93. Adorno had always feared Nicolette would never succumb to him completely, but with her barter she would have no choice, for now he had the bargain, and he intended to hold her to it forever.
94. I stormed out of his office without uttering a word, but furious, frustrated and hurt; although determined not to succumb, succumb to an invidious request? Over my dead body, I swore silently.
95. Had I not been so quick to succumb to Lord Bellars, my Blood should not have been so easily stirr’d by Polly! O sure I was ruin’d now! Ruin’d, defil’d, unfit for anything but Whoredom.
96. All Rose wants is to keep dancing, but deep down she realizes she will have succumb to her parents wishes and concentrate on her studies to become a doctor or a lawyer or something prestigious.
97. Having had a fling with me, won’t she, in my absence, succumb to the advances of an ogler? Should that happen, instead of giving her the solace of love, I would be the cause of her depravity.
98. The next time you succumb to greed and chase a trade, remember that there is a professional somewhere else in the world who has been waiting patiently for this setup and is doing just the opposite.
99. Mark my words, we are the champions of the world – the strong survived and we that did not succumb to the sound and virus have the duty, the obligation, to make this world, our world a better place.
100. The lesson Graham is driving at is not that you should avoid buying airline stocks, but that you should never succumb to the certainty that any industry will outperform all others in the future.

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