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Such in a sentence

It was such a shock.
Area 51 or some such.
Such a woman was Mrs.
I said no such thing.
There is no such thing.
Such a polite young man.
Herndon was such a bull.

Roman was no such thing.
There is No Such Thing.
Why bind her with such.
Tragic and such a waste.
He was born for such a.
Was I such a bad mother?
Would never think of such.
But it is such a lovely.
If there is such a thing.
There is no such times—.
There is such as thing as.
Now such villains had to.
But such was not the case.
There is no such database.
There was once just such.
How can one survive such.
Such a manner that may be.
But, even in such a time.
Why was he such a problem?
Such a warm and forgiving.
Such was her love of books.
I couldn't do such a thing.
And as such, he would need.
In such articles as bread.
Such knowledge may be bad.
There never was such a goose.
He had never felt such anger.
Becky was such a sweet girl.
He had such a hearty chuckle.
He's not a man such as that.
Such a few days out of the.
He's such a considerate guy.
There really such nice folks.

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