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Surrender in a sentence

Surrender your all to ME.
Told me to surrender it all.
In other words we surrender.
His hands shot up in surrender.
There is freedom in surrender.
He raises his arms in surrender.

I held my hands up in surrender.
He held his hands up in surrender.
They were asking her to surrender.
The son would never surrender it.
You can surrender or you can die.
Near panic I decided to surrender.
Joey lifted his hands in surrender.
The sign read, Please Surrender.
MY word and surrender to it wholly.
We will not surrender our weapons.
Choosing ME means TOTAL surrender.
Or else he wants us to surrender.
He would never surrender it alive.
But it showed no sign of surrender.
Save yourselves, turn and surrender.
I want your all, complete surrender.
Adam held his hands up in surrender.
We will never surrender our weapons.
I surrender completely to its force.
The terms of the surrender included:.
You have thirty seconds to surrender.
Tucker held up his hands in surrender.
Surrender is the only way out for us.
It was an amiable surrender and the.
The boy raised his hands in surrender.
As usual, I had to surrender to fools.
Nicolas raised his hands in surrender.
That would be too much like surrender.
The Major and I urge you to surrender.
Yet Japan showed no sign of surrender.
Confederate surrender across the board.
But the communists didn’t surrender.
Surrender to her? She didn’t think so.
It was better than surrendering.
But Lois pressed on, not surrendering.
With a surrendering gesture, she saw it.
That is how most of us view surrendering.
Loss of control and surrendering is what.
Surrendering brings about important change.
Surrendering to Packwood was not part of her plan.
Garcia closed his eyes, surrendering to her affection.
I can give it to you, Garcia said, surrendering.
Being a Poor House means surrendering ourselves to the.
Love is not about conquering, it is about surrendering.
After surrendering, the group was dragged off to the stadium.
Surrendering to the pleasure of the moment, the sudden thought.
She had a sudden vision of the city surrendering to wilderness.
That is what our situation truly is with regards to surrendering.
In surrendering herself thus, she ensured his surrender forever.
Perhaps these people did not know the proper mode of surrendering.
Their life lies in surrendering their personality in contemplation.
But it was both men's respect that led to many Apache surrendering.
Perhaps she’s the only thing keeping him from surrendering totally.
I have come to call this surrendering staying on the golden thread.
That comes by surrendering to the divine presence that inhabits the soul.
It is Jules Favre sobbing on Bismarck's bosom and surrendering every thing.
As the plane rose, I leaned into his arm, surrendering to total exhaustion.
Take kindly to the counsel of the years, gracefully surrendering the things.
No one passes through here without surrendering their weapons and armor to us.
Monks surrendering the guns and explosives they were using against the Chinese.
The weaklings give up while the brave, far from surrendering, just fight harder.
Take kindly the counsel of the years, gracefully surrendering the things of youth.
Of course, Fos said, surrendering to the warmth flowing from the gods hands.
In other words, preliterate humans were always surrendering to their unconscious.
Maybe it was not such a good idea surrendering his knives to the guards, after all.
A mural on the far wall depict�ed Cornwallis surrendering his sword at Yorktown.
They (correctly), forever after blamed the Army for surrendering them in such a way.
He called for readiness to compromise always, but without surrendering self-respect.
Having trust in the moment of Now is measured by the quantum of your surrendering to it.
The more you practice the better you will be at surrendering to your body’s sensations.
I was looking forward to nursing you back to health, he said, surrendering the spoon.
Perhaps you should consider surrendering, Gorthyk, Father Charlz Kaillyt said somberly.
They were astonished to see us approach from the south but had no intention of surrendering.
His mind surrendered to the.
He surrendered His will to the.
It surrendered to the French in.
He surrendered to their justice.
I surrendered the outcome of the.
It was so easy now, so surrendered.
Lee had surrendered to General Grant.
I surrendered of my own free will.
They killed everyone who surrendered.
It was as if she suddenly surrendered.
Why? She surrendered the clippers.
They simply surrendered to Rockefeller.
They surrendered, then, to the pent-up.
On August 14, the Japanese surrendered.
Those that had surrendered immediately.
Like Winston before me, I have surrendered.
The docile towns surrendered, and the mob.
Oh, he really died when Lee surrendered.
Herold surrendered and was taken prisoner.
No one had come out; no one had surrendered.
His mind had surrendered to unquestioning.
And I was with Johnston when he surrendered.
Peace is the fragrance of surrendered heart.
Gowr surrendered the command chair to Garcia.
Some surrendered peacefully when challenged.
Bear witness that we have surrendered to Him.
The Byzantines surrendered near Cairo in 641.
How the hell could that be? He surrendered.
But Terraroja had surrendered, Fanny said.
She surrendered her soul over to the dark side.
The Lambs surrendered at discretion, and roared.
The man raised his hands to say he surrendered.
Francis surrendered the oars and embraced Shrimp.
He surrendered and others were sure what he was.
He surrendered to the urge to touch her shoulder.
I simply surrendered and did it with great peace.
Him—in the same way Christ surrendered all His.
Missouri and the West, surrendered in late May 1865.
A few days later the German government surrendered.
He surrendered himself to the police that afternoon.
Evolution surrenders to time.
You win when the other surrenders.
Uriah surrenders his gun without question.
Unto the earth surrenders all its spoils;.
To The Mind That Is Silent, The Universe Surrenders.
And the one who surrenders all shall gain The Victory.
To a mind that is ‘still’, the whole universe surrenders.
Love does not win, it surrenders to each their own creation.
Mr Hooperman surrenders with his hands and cautiously complies.
The ego cannot see the truth of the path unless it surrenders to it.
You know what happens when the girl surrenders to the man’s charm, don’t.
Once a person surrenders to Jesus, it is all the work of Jesus from that moment on.
At that point, Nybar either surrenders or we take the town away from him the hard way.
In Arabic, the word ‘Muslim’ means one who spiritually surrenders to their Creator.
It will succeed if the poet surrenders to what is happening; it will fail if the poet doesn’t.
Impregnable Malta surrenders without a shot; his most reckless schemes are crowned with success.
Christian: The Child who lovingly pleases his father’s wishes and surrenders to his loving care so as.
In other words, that Great Nation subconsciously surrenders its role as World Leader because it has lost the Will to Lead.
The Shenandoah boat crews boarded the four whaleships and the boarding officers received surrenders from the mates and crew.
As the President surrenders his right to confidentiality as Chief Executive, the entire case suddenly rested on an 18 minute erasure.
My inner self surrenders and objects at the same time: But, you don't want to be a prisoner of this good health forever isn't it?
There, man surrenders to the sleep and does not wake up unless God gives back the choice to his spirit and resumes His former favor upon it.
Kerr has said that every attachment has two sides: one loves, and the other allows himself to be loved; one kisses, and the other surrenders his cheek.
That is the principle of belief, and by such belief and that witnessing man surrenders to his Provider after he has seen that He Glory to Him is more.
But oft’ such Risques are needless, for the Prey surrenders ere we raise our Flag! The Great Age of Pyracy is past, my Sweet, but the Legends about Pyrates daily increase.
Here surrender is not a bargain between two entities or an instrument to attain something that is superior to surrender itself rather a seeker surrenders his separateness to have an experience of the divine oneness.
And he defers to her because he trusts her perhaps, but I fancy rather as if he wished to make up for some subtle wrong, for that sentimental unfaithfulness which surrenders her happiness, her life, to the seduction of an idea.
An entire brigade under General Augereau, the brother of the marshal, is surprised on the 9th, by the Cossacks of Orlov-Davidov and Seslavin, and surrenders! Napoleon has still enough natural feeling to be moved by this new misfortune.

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