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Sustainability in a sentence

In the interests of the long term sustainability of the.
The key to effective entrepreneurialism is sustainability.
We are two generations in debt to ecological sustainability.
Maybe, that’d give me several extra hours of sustainability.
It is not individual, but collective sustainability that matters.
Sustainability should not be seen as a barrier or burden to business.
In an epoch of crisis, art needs to embrace an ethic of sustainability.

The Internet has reduced the sustainability of many competitive advantages.
Sustainability requires the business to find new ways of protecting it’s.
Or management could just be too confident about the sustainability of their assets.
A temporary cease fire is a first step towards permanent peace dominated by sustainability.
Science takes charge of health, wellbeing and expands consciousness for life sustainability.
It might be a different approach to operating in business or sustainability in a certain industry.
Collective-sufficiency is sharing and collective sustainability is the enemy of private ownership.
Sustainability, the balancing of various factors for the sake of long-term survival, was something.
This will lead to both cell health and organ sustainability, thus resulting in better Eartheart flow.
So, if the economy collapses there will be no money for changing to greener systems and sustainability.
The term sustainability sounds neat, but it always refers to a governmental, bureaucratic or global program.
Mutual self-interest, as compared to cooperative sustainability, are not only different means, but also different ends.
One aspect of sustainability is the state of existing sources of energy and the question of how quickly they are being used.
You need to always be aware, and consider diligently, the sustainability of growth strategies that are merely deal-driven (M&A).
The jury is still out on the long term sustainability of this diet, but I have to say it’s the only one that has worked for me.
Renewable energies, produced from sustainable natural sources, clearly contribute to the sustainability element of this objective.
If the Earth looks at its heart from the organic perspective of sustainability, it will see that the cells need food and not monergy.
Forward-looking assessments can be strategic (about the sustainability of a long-run premium) or tactical (about timing the strategy).
And they make these decisions without a proper understanding of the systems, sustainability and scalability of the business in the future.
However, as investors we must first be convinced that an opportunity has existed in the past before we can meaningfully debate its sustainability.
Indian and Chinese citizens owns a car and a house? The lifestyle of the industrialized world has exceeded long-term sustainability for the past century.
In other words, a high level of net operating assets, scaled to control for firm size, indicates a lack of sustainability of recent earnings performance.
All other things being equal, you may want to look for stocks showing a greater degree of sustainability, consistency, and stability in past earnings growth.
The sustainability of renewables means that they will continue to be available even in the longer term future, when fossil fuel sources may be getting scarcer.
The systemic crisis did materialize in 2007–2008 and along with it came vanishing trust in counterparties and even in the sustainability of LIBOR-based contracts.
The drive to sustainability will stimulate invention and innovation and will bring new opportunities for business and growth, both here and in export markets overseas.
Since we often suggest that companies refocus on their core business, the majority of our research time is spent on determining the health and sustainability of that business.
All integrated organizations have an ecology of orders, when, in equilibrium, creates sustainability and regenerating diversity – this is true for the individual, the state, and the Earth.
How big a company is can say a lot about its complexity, the sustainability of its business model, how actively followed it is, the volatility of its stock price, and why it might be mispriced.
We all want to buy low and sell high, but first we must develop confidence in the sustainability of a business in order to arrive at a sound judgment about what constitutes low and high.
Economic, social and environmental sustainability are our guiding principles, and this primarily means establishing long term relationships with our clients and enabling their long term strategy.
These means and methods do not rely on currency and are more substantial and more accurate in determining the stronger government, stronger economy, stronger production, and the long-term sustainability of a value.
The key policy questions for the future center on the interplay of the four different facets of that policy -security, diversity, sustainability, and competitive price -which may not always be pulling in the same direction.

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