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Sutured in a sentence

Because I was hers from the day she sutured my.
He has the scar on his belly that was sutured in.
being sutured and would be taken to the recovery room.
in with freshly sutured cuts that could’ve only been done by a.
the abdominal cavity has been carefully inspected, each layer is sutured back.
Bellowing erupted from the kitchen below, probably as the Fat Wife sutured Pierre’s face back together.
He was at it for two hours before he sutured the twin hole shut and tied off the last stitch on the drain tube.

Special Agent? At his nod, he continued, We’ve sutured both wrists; there should be no damage to the tendons or ligaments.
Nick wasn’t too far away, in fact he was only 50 yards around the corner, in the clinic having his head sutured and ranting to Shanti, stating that before the beer can hit him, he’d looked up into the face of the angel of death, who resembled Spock, hovering in the night sky above him.
She found bandages, suturing thread, and scissors, and returned to the bleachers.
Minor wounds can be closed by suturing, if there are no medics available to do it.
Murphy was contentedly staying out of the whole thing, and gave every appearance of being utterly absorbed in suturing.
I ended up suturing an older man with a horrendous scalp laceration (he did well) and amputated a couple of fingers that were too badly mangled to be saved (at least under these conditions).
We had given up our faith and the only thing we could hear during those moments of self doubt, those moments of total silence in the theatre, was the beep, beep, beep of his heart beating away, refusing to give up … and somebody said … they said … ‘come on, if he can keep going, so can we,’ and we all ploughed in again and started drilling and screwing and suturing … and he just lay there in front of us, all in pieces, sleeping like a baby, with his heart beating away when it should have stopped ages before, saying to us, challenging us, and this is the hardest part to accept, giving us strength, silently speaking to us in beeps, saying, hang in there guys, we’ll get through this.
Then he sutures damaged organs.
going to heal but you’ve had about sixteen stitches, some sutures,.
Would you like a list? she said tongue stuck to sutures in cheek.
to the point at the junction of the parietal and occipital sutures, and finally.
Inside were latex gloves, scalpels, scissors, hemostats and a needle with sutures attached.
The pair had a tiny, sharp point that let her slip it under the pulling sutures and snip them.
The left side of her face was bruised and she had a line of stitches and sutures over her left eyebrow.
The doctor once again used sutures, staples, and ample amounts of super glue to keep the organ in place.
But before they could get him into surgery to see if there was a problem with the sutures, he slipped into a coma.
The doctor placed the heart back inside the chest cavity using staples, sutures, and super glue to help keep it in place.
Now he had a plaster cast on his arm, a bald patch with a small gauze dressing taped to his head, covering ten silk sutures and, no front incisor teeth.
The sutures in his skull aren’t closed yet nor are his spinal processes showing signs of arthritis so he’s no more than 21 although I believe it’s closer to 17.
First we have to close up the peritoneum with absorbable sutures; this holds the abdominal contents in place when we individually close the two layers of muscle, and skin.
Javier Torrez, surgical business manager at Methodist Hospital in Arcadia, California, works with vendors of surgical supplies and evaluates products from sutures to heart lung machines.
"Sexto and last," Conseil said, "the plectognaths, whose maxillary bone is firmly attached to the side of the intermaxillary that forms the jaw, and whose palate arch is locked to the skull by sutures that render the jaw immovable, an order lacking true pelvic fins and which consists of two families.
The comedy called suture.
The deep wounds; hope is the suture,.
She brings suture to the mangled heart.
stitched the cut closed using his suture kit.
' The coroner moved his hands deftly over the suture.
The coroner moved his hands deftly over the suture.
’ The coroner moved his hands deftly over the suture.
The scar was a dull red, the suture tracks still evident.
a little closer and noticed suture marks where the rubber ball.
through vagina with an vagina incision is suture from above by a small incision in the.
She could tell that Anna was trying to suture the cut, Do you know what you're doing?.
They intended to suture and observe Nick, although he would probably be released the next day.
Carla set about gathering the surgical instruments, different suture types and saline drips etc.
Blood spurt out of the sockets in its mouth and yellowish puss oozed out of the suture marks the autopsy doctor had left.
Then they paint over the suture, varnish the bird, and ship the fruits of their unique labors to museums and collectors in Europe.
The ragged red and purple suture line was mending unevenly, stretching the surrounding skin in tented pockets, and it took on more and more the effect of a freak as time went by.
Puller noted the Y-incision already carved in the man’s chest and the suture tracks that had sewn this massive postmortem cut back together, with the organs placed neatly in the chest cavity.
And a single magnetic line along the suture of the tunnel beneath the train produces a varying magnetic field along the tunnel at every point, which produces a potential difference along the track that moves the train forward, or backward in case of a return journey.

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