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Suzanne in a sentence

What about Suzanne?.
But what about Suzanne?.
See you too, Patrick and Suzanne.
Suzanne blushed a bit as she laughed.
Suzanne was a pretty good storyteller.
Then Suzanne was on her ovulation cycle.
Suzanne knows why and says sympathetically,.

those of Clapton, The Smiths and Suzanne Vega,.
Suzanne stood and closed her blouse with both hands.
Suzanne backed into the door when he touched her leg.
In those times, only Suzanne and I were his friends.
Suzanne appreciates his sarcasm as he continues,.
I say they only have the celebrity status of Suzanne.
Suzanne swallowed a bite of elk burger before answering.
I can love you without sacrificing my love for Suzanne.
Things settled, and Suzanne became nearly a family member.
He sat up and apparently noticed Suzanne for the first time.
With that Suzanne took her purchase and backed out the door.
Suzanne then filled me in on the latest goings-on about town.
Suzanne pleads with him with helpless eyes, I'm scared Randy.
Buffalo? Real buffalo? Suzanne said, with the door opened.
Suzanne would forget all about the mystery man if that happened.
Suzanne was an hour late, but I’m glad that she did make a show.
Red Hawk made no reply but halted his course and looked at Suzanne.
Maybe this was the new live-in boyfriend Suzanne had told me about.
Suzanne drifting out of the stereo’s speakers, Annie felt that, even.
Do you feel ready to help take care of Patrick and Suzanne with David?.
I must have dozed off for I wakened when Suzanne sat beside me in the swing.
That poor dog set up a yammering you could hear a mile away, Suzanne said.
Suzanne was rooted to the floor, and she supported herself by leaning on the counter.
For Suzanne, And For The Lord’s Little Flock, and For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear.

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