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Swanked in a sentence

Norah was drowning in paper and wishing for the swanked out office Mitch had designed her, or at the very least, the series of boards where she could organize and spread out.

I was picking up crumbs off the gravel path when she comes swanking into the garden, turning up her nose in all directions, as though she owned the earth—just because she's got a lot of colored plumage.

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"Rotten swank!" he said, but scarcely loud enough to be heard.
from the Carson City Hotel, leaving the swank establishment in total.
"I believe you're jealous that you can't swank as well," he said laughing.
Even if the group stays at a swank hotel, one motel is the same as any other.
And Bloom, of course, with his knockmedown cigar putting on swank with his lardy face.
must have both had our jaws hanging cause this place was swank on steroids.
He could see this was the place, it was pretty swank, Ava was doing well for herself in this neighborhood.
There was a bathroom that was downright swank compared to the compost cans on the poop deck that most riverboats have.
At the time I was still in the band The Swank, and one night while playing at a dance, Johnny came up to me and asked to talk.
The roach was a Blatta orientalis, the oriental cockroach, about an inch long and shiny black, commonly found in all the swank houses of Palo Alto.
Where did I put that Parkay? Aahhh, I find it next to my stack of Hustler and Swank magazines and apply a heaping glob, proceeding to stroke vigorously while flipping through the pages.
As for Mr Reggy with his swank and his bit of money she could just chuck him aside as if he was so much filth and never again would she cast as much as a second thought on him and tear his silly postcard into a dozen pieces.
A German suggested that Jack try the equine tenderloin in place of filet mignon—that they were indistinguishable from their bovine counterpart—and they were! It wasn‘t long before the enterprising Greek was selling prime ―filet mignon‖ to most of the swank eateries on Florida‘s lower east coast.
Had he gone to wrap up some unfinished business that Spalding had started but would never finish? There was nothing at the time, however, to indicate that there was a connection between the two; to Wickland though, such a coincidence of both men having visited the same swank resort within a week of each other seemed rather remote.

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