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Swigged in a sentence

Moose swigged off the last drop of his tea.
Shoop swigged another inordinate amount of gin.
He picked the glass up and swigged the wine down.
He swigged down a cool drink then voiced his concerns.
After Roger had swigged, putting the top back on, Jim.
Brent swigged his shot and filled the glasses all around.
A firm shake of the head from Peg as she swigged her coffee.

They swigged their beers, stood in a line, the beautiful small.
He pulled out the stopper and swigged the dark red liquid quickly.
Alex pushed his empty plate back and swigged the rest of his coffee.
She had swigged more Jack Daniel’s and told them all to go to hell.
A glass maybe not but he had swigged the remainder of the bottle and was.
They fell hungrily on the boiled pork and swigged the water from the bottle.
Omar stumbled up from the bench and swigged down the rest of his drink, turning.
Jock carried a bottle of Mekong whisky under his car seat and swigged it as they drove.
He swigged his wine, was alerted to his fading sobriety, placed the glass at the far end of the little wooden IKEA writing desk, just at the limit of his reach.
Mercer repeats the swigging motion more cautiously.
All five were laughing and swigging from beer bottles.
Swigging off and on from his tall mug, a very curious Delvin simply looked on.
He was in the bedroom, sprawled in an armchair, gently swigging from a bottle.
I pulled a few strips of beef jerky out of my pack and sat eating it and swigging my water.
Before she could object though Elon had taken the jug from her and was swigging down the mystery fluid.
She’d been swigging coffee since six this morning and hadn’t slept more than two hours the night before.
Swigging the last of his coffee Dave extends his empty mug towards Steve; �Yeah, I'll have another one please mate.
We were sitting in his old shed, swigging beer, it being the only place where we felt safe from Aunt Martha's housework.
In the fading daylight Alice made her way back to the RV, where Chuck was sitting outside swigging beer in a fold-out chair.
Theakston was darting in and out of the heather and Smith was casually strolling along swigging from the bottle of Jack Daniels.
Spock and Stu did as instructed and the car sped away, Stu in the front seat, and Spock contentedly sat in the back seat swigging on his half-finished, flat can of Singha beer.
Jeff, let's have a few swigs from this precious water.
Have a few swigs of this, mate … there you go … you OK?’.
She couldn't help but notice his anxiety, after a few good swigs of coffee.
They both took long swigs of their beer and let out huge belches at the same time.
At the far end of the bar a boy of sixteen takes anxious swigs from a bottle of orange juice.
He's bored and showing it, as he swigs back beer from one of the six bottles he has in his cart.
As soon as Id done that I unscrewed the cap, took a firm hold of the bottle with both paws and then took several swigs.
After dinner, they shared the two beers they’d brought from Kennedy Meadows, giving me swigs as we sat in the dirt bundled in our clothes.
Mercer takes several more swigs of beer, trying to use his bottle-arm’s elbow as a baffle, but the boy, a dab hand at seduction, finds his way through, and even as Mercer’s heart clenches, his lower body brings him close enough for wrists to rest on shoulders, for a finger to loosely trace the nap at the back of his head.
When he came back from the toilet he hit me with a bombshell; he told me he’d never had a girlfriend! A real life nineteen year old virgin- I didn’t know they existed! They certainly don’t where I come from, or at least they wouldn’t admit it if they were breathing their last breath! It took a bit of thinking about that one- did I want to bother with a man who didn’t know what to do in bed? But a few more swigs of my pint and a gaze into those cobalt blue eyes convinced me it would be fun teaching him how to do it right- after all there would be no bad habits to break would there?

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The kid took a swig.
Here, now, swig it down.
She took a swig of beer.
She took a swig of juice.
He'd taken a large swig.
She finishes a swig of beer.
Take a good big swig dear.
He took another swig of stool.
He took a swig from the bottle.
Henri took a long swig before.
He took a long swig of his beer.
He took a pill, and took a swig.
Taking another swig of her drink.
Hurley took a swig of his bourbon.
He took another swig of gin and.
Smith took a large swig of his beer.
John takes the bottle, takes a swig.
He took a big swig of his free beer.
I took a swig of water and continued.
He took another swig from the bottle.
It is, I agreed, and took a swig.
I took a big swig of the still cold Bud.
Brady stopped and took a swig of his beer.
Smith sighed and took a swig of his beer.
Sierra twisted the top off and took a swig.
He takes the bottle back, takes a big swig.
Cass slurps a sip, and then Unks gulps a swig.
He imbibed a larger swig from his frothy draft.
He took a swig and handled the bottle to Court.
So what? He took another swig of his beer.
He took another swig as the other man continued.
He pulled the seal off the lid and took a swig.
Blake took a large swig of Old Mud and swallowed.
Opening his bottle of water he took a huge swig.
She found her last bottled water and took a swig.
Doc took a sip of it, made a face, and took a swig.
Yeah, he replied, taking a swig of his water.
He winced, took a good swig, wriggled about a bit.
Nope, she said taking a big swig of her coffee.
Alaric glared at him and silently took a swig of ale.

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