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Syrups in a sentence

1. Everly scoffs and turns back to the syrups.
2. She sticks a cup under the syrups and pumps out several.
3. They come in form of tablets, syrups, and aerosols, inhaler solutions and injections.
4. It had neither bread nor meat, although the tables were spread with sweetmeats and syrups.
5. After scrambling through the different tubes and bottles of fillings, sauces and syrups, he found the stuff his son liked.
6. They cool the lake of fire down with soothing syrups of their own make, and reduce its heat, and fix it up so it merely troubles the mind…McGarvey said:.
7. Medicines like Crocin, Aspirin, Digestive Enzyme syrups, Digene, Pudin Hara, Eye Tone, Iodex, Enos Fruitsalt, Vitamins, Vicks and so on fall in this category.
8. They saw him take a sniff at the aroma of cooking pancakes and his eyes darted to the table of scarred pine, as he saw the butter, syrups and plates stacked there.
9. It curls from the bitter, like the wealthy from the poor; only touching the sour wrapped in syrups, teased but not tortured by the shocking truth beneath the fructose headlines.
10. I would so much like to sympathize wholly with you now, to be able to be indignant with Miss Cheriton, call her a minx, say she is heartless, and be ready with all sorts of healing balms and syrups for you, poor boy in the clutches of a cruel annoyance.
11. One strange thing I had noticed about the diet of human children is that all of their most stereotypically hated foods were in actuality the healthiest food they could consume, while the food that most excited them was whatever contained the highest amount of carcinogenic chemicals and high-glucose corn syrups.
12. Don’t you hear them pass? hover? dance their language? telling where all the sweet gums are, the syrups that make bears frolic and lumber in bulked ecstasies, that make boys squirm with unpronounced juices, that make girls leap out of beds to catch from the corners of their eyes their dolphin selves naked aflash on the warm air poised forever in one eternal glass wave.
13. One day, when at the height of her illness, she had thought herself dying, and had asked for the communion; and, while they were making the preparations in her room for the sacrament, while they were turning the night table covered with syrups into an altar, and while Felicite was strewing dahlia flowers on the floor, Emma felt some power passing over her that freed her from her pains, from all perception, from all feeling.

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