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Taloned in a sentence

shut with both of her taloned hands.
Plunging her taloned hand into his.
shoes to cover his taloned feet and a smelly track top with a hood.
Their taloned hands sliced away at my flak vest and bear arms unmercifully.
grabbed him by the throat with one taloned hand, lifting him bodily off the floor.
His great hands lay upon his lap, palms upward, taloned fingers spread and grasping.
The one dark red leg that they could see ended in a webbed foot and three powerful, taloned toes.

And then of all surprises I felt her hands touch the one she had punctured with her taloned finger.
Conan knew that if he fell foul of that mass of taloned muscle and bone, there could be but one culmination.
He looked over to see her cradled in a taloned foot with Tandrick, who was scowling, not at Laeron, but at Aesa.
With his great sword in his taloned hand he lifted his head to the heavens and screamed obscenities and blasphemies.
The taloned hands spread and clutched, but Conan ducked beneath their swoop and drove his sword through the giant's groin.
A taloned grasp closed down over my shoulder with all fingers penetrating in a grip of agony and I was abruptly thrown, somersaulting through the air.
The beast drops Lor’s heart on the floor where it lands with a wet splat, turns and swipes the wall panel with a prehensile, taloned claw, and stalks out.
Dreading what I would see I looked up and the green eyed one had it clutched in one taloned fist as she held it up still glowing to be studied by her eyes.
What could cause such a physical change, within the same bloodline? Not to mention the glowing eyes and hair, the sharp teeth, and the hard taloned fingernails.
I hear the scrape of taloned claws on the floor as he prowls into the bookstore, the prehistoric panting around what sounds like a death rattle caught in its chest.
Their grip on me released and they both fell over stone cold, dead, as I watched the female I had incapacitated earlier pull her taloned hands out of the back of the two men’s skulls.
Zar lashed out a taloned hand, tearing out the throat and leaning his head back to swallow it whole, and the primes fell onto their bloodfeast with a renewed voracity, shredding and tearing away the meat and the sinew, stripping the bones of marrow and spitting out the broken shards.

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Synonyms for taloned

clawed taloned