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Tamara in a sentence

I loved Tamara.
He was mad at Tamara.
Did Matthew ever tell you he killed Tamara?.
Tally, did you ever see any suspicious bruises on Tamara?.
I heard Malcolm say that he would stop seeing Tamara immediately.
Because you know what? I really wasn’t sure that Tamara was lying.
Uh… Tamara went on TV and said she got pregnant by Matty’s father.

Was Tamara sleeping with Malcolm? Gags rippled around the table again.
If Maud had known about Malcolm and Tamara, she might have told Samantha.
There’s no way Tamara told the channel six news and didn’t tell you.
But Matthew saying he had to take care of Tamara didn’t mean he had.
The ones who swore they were playing poker with you when Tamara was killed.
All he knew was that Tamara had said publicly she was pregnant by his father.
I could almost see Tamara fighting to survive this attack and to save her baby.
‘My brother was in a mad rage, and he threatened to kill my father and Tamara.
I wasn’t with them at the time when the medical examiner says Tamara was killed.
A second camera on Kam: Let’s say that you did attack Tamara in a drunken rage.
Well, Matthew must have suspected that Malcolm was having an affair with Tamara Gee.
Why didn’t you tell me Tamara was dead, Matty? I hazarded a glance at his eyes.
Tamara Gee was a wonderful young woman, and Matthew Angel loved her very much, Phil began.
Matthew showed me his knife right after Tamara told that TV lady she was having a baby with Dad.
And did Tamara ever tell you that she was afraid of Matthew, that she was afraid for her safety?.
She called me from the apartment, saying she had found evidence that pointed to Tamara Gee’s killer.
You never once felt the need to say ‘Oh, hey, guys, I kind of found Tamara murdered this morning’?.
But had he carried out his threat to kill Tamara? If I didn’t know for sure, what would the jury think?.
There’s Ken, the uncle, and Tamara, the aunt, and Bianca, their daughter, who looks to be about Brian’s age.
The next morning, Matthew awoke and found Tamara, the love of his life and the mother of his unborn child, dead.
Is that the restaurant on the ground floor of the apartment building where Tamara Gee and Matthew Angel lived?.
Let’s just say that Tamara loved him and trusted him and was dreaming of the future, when she would have their baby.
We suggest this: Someone came in and killed Tamara before or after Matthew came home, and he took his weapon with him.
Webb, did Matthew talk to you about his relationship with Tamara, specifically, in the weeks before she was killed? Ms.

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