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Technologists in a sentence | technologists example sentences

  1. In the words of the technologists of a long lost civilization, I’d found a bug.
  2. This doesn’t stop a lot of policymakers and technologists from pretending otherwise.
  3. To get around this we were all re-cast as Technologists, and new job descriptions were prepared.
  4. Internal Software Management had a lot of good, competent bottom-layer technologists, who responded well to the day-to-day challenges and priorities.
  5. Exactly in the same manner science has so arranged this matter, that only wealthy people are able to study science, and teachers, like technologists and physicians, cling to money.

  6. The best young men, at an age when they are not yet corrupted by life and when they choose a career, prefer the activities of physicians, technologists, teachers, artists, writers, even simply of agriculturists, who live by their own labour, to positions in courts, in the administration, in the church, and in the army, which are paid by the government, or the positions of men who live on their own incomes.

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