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Teetered in a sentence | teetered example sentences

  1. These teetered and fell.
  2. Raf teetered at the top of the stairs.
  3. The man teetered back a few steps and.
  4. Desa almost went in also and teetered on the edge.
  5. For a single breath we teetered on the cathedral rim.

  6. Long nose hairs teetered about under the stertorous.
  7. As if hit, he grabbed his chest, groaned and teetered.
  8. He rolled onto the platform and teetered on the edge.
  9. Jimmy teetered, off balance, and plopped into a chair.
  10. Then it bounced to the board and teetered for a moment.
  11. Jagged edges of colored glass teetered like hanging ice.
  12. Longleaf teetered for a minute and collapsed onto the deck.
  13. She teetered over to Amsterdam in her heels and caught a cab.
  14. As they teetered back and forth, Stokes remained ready to drop.
  15. He teetered the barstool on its legs and cocked his head to the side.

  16. Kevin teetered and tottered, barely able to tell where he was looking.
  17. I teetered and thrust Jesus at Joseph as I grabbed for my husbands arm.
  18. Connor teetered on the edge of the bank before finally catching his balance.
  19. GREG TEETERED ACROSS Main Street and up the alley behind American Biomedical.
  20. Kaitlyn held her arms in front of her and teetered in the direction of Olivia.
  21. When the song ended, the exhausted mahu slumped back and teetered on the edge.
  22. William brushed snow off the butt of his jeans and teetered after his bandmate.
  23. He teetered through the exercise sessions, trying to keep his legs from buckling.
  24. She froze on top of him as things teetered on the brink for a few precious seconds.
  25. As she teetered on the brink of the ravine, she vocally thanked the Creator for His.

  26. He sat down hard, and one edge of the collapsed sofa teetered madly from the added weight.
  27. She kept a tight grip on her flail, even while she teetered on the edge of unconsciousness.
  28. He teetered, uncertain, and his hateful thoughts filled my throat with a burning sensation.
  29. His mouth on my neck was torture, his hands pushing me right to the edge, where I teetered, caught.
  30. Now Alan lay perfectly still as the last shards still tinkled down from wherever they had teetered.
  31. It teetered on the brink of the frame as Andre struggled with the weight and the sheer awkwardness of it.
  32. The magician teetered backwards and bumped into the stove, knocking his disconnected head free to the floor.
  33. The man gave a hearty but fraudulent laugh, and Swann teetered between cordiality and sending him on his way.
  34. Khan saw a chance as Raven teetered on one leg and swung his foot around to connect with Raven’s supporting leg.
  35. Gerek teetered on a stool next to a giant laser saw and swept a thick-fingered hand over his prematurely balding head.
  36. Welky, Mary, Elmer, Henry muttered to himself, his words barely able to be heard or understood as he teetered back and forth.
  37. The nurse teetered in her white-soled shoes, uncertain whether she should attack me or have a seat, but the med-techs rushed at me.
  38. A pair of familiar feeling arms caught her the moment she teetered backwards, and pulled her close The lady's not interested Wes.
  39. Went out myself the other day, Feltus rocked on his heels and teetered momentarily as though he was going to plummet backwards.
  40. Manda had thought she was dead for certain, when she had teetered momentarily on the edge of the cliff, her arms thrashing in the air.
  41. He had teetered on the edge of a lucid dream, one minute managing nicely, the next being flung into circumstances beyond his reckoning.
  42. Wallowing in turbulent thought, Mitch staggerd behind the gym, teetered against the dumpster, and collapsed against the wall of the old building.
  43. His heels overhung the drop and for a worrying moment he teetered unsteadily, then Chris and Jeffrey caught his frantically circling arms and pulled him clear.
  44. Instead of accelerating out of the skid, she braked, sending the car juddering over the edge, where it teetered for a second before rolling down a grassy slope.
  45. The ball connected with a flying jar and shattered into thousands of pieces, crystal and potion glinting midair as the poles supporting the draped damask groaned and teetered.
  46. Her body was still pressed against me as we teetered on the edge of the windowsill, dangerously close to the floor below and the hands reaching up to grab us and tear us into tasty, bloody morsels.
  47. The cacophony of emotions drove his fragile mind to the edge of sanity where he now teetered dangerously, unsure of where and how he should proceed given the damning evidence in the inspector’s possession.
  48. It festered with the cloying scent of someone who had teetered far too long at the brink of demise, whose cloudy eyes and wracked joints and bloody, toothless gums were good for nothing but pain and malaise.
  49. Either was within arm's length; for the fraction of a split second the chest teetered ont he edge of the bridge, and Muriela clung by one arm, her face turned desperately toward Conan, her eyes dilated with the fear of death and her lips parted in a haunting cry of despair.
  1. Teetering, I opened the door.
  2. I could feel she was teetering.
  3. He was teetering on the precipice.
  4. They kissed again in teetering positions.
  5. She noticed the other bird teetering on the edge.
  6. Clearly he was teetering on the brink of madness.
  7. Christine's world, which was already teetering unbalanced.
  8. Furthermore, since this world is teetering on the precipice of.
  9. He hung for a moment teetering on one arm, then slowly toppled backward.
  10. Weak with hunger and the burning sun, Jesus stood teetering on the wall.
  11. I was born a see-saw Aunty, and nothing can ever prevent me from teetering.
  12. Fauna was teetering down the chicken walk that led from the Palace Flophouse.
  13. Teeing all the ramifications together, she felt her mind go teetering towards.
  14. So add her, his only family, to the stack of chips teetering on this sorry table.
  15. The business phone is teetering on the edge of the desk with a red light blinking.
  16. But in one fluid leap she was teetering on the top of the pole, tail squirming for.
  17. They’ve been here before, teetering on the edge, and he was the one who stepped back.
  18. This was teetering dangerously on the verge of gossip material, and the best kind of it.
  19. To try to enjoy the amazingness of life while teetering at the edge of terror and fatigue.
  20. A huge improvement from the teetering heels I had been forced to wear since coming to Paradan.
  21. I found him on the phone in the living room, teetering towers of papers stacked all around him.
  22. They also prove that humanity is now teetering on the brink of long-prophesied and self-caused.
  23. She drifted through the minds of a people living in despair, teetering on the verge of emptiness.
  24. He accelerated into a turn, thrilling to the feel of the car teetering at the very edge of its limits.
  25. Harry had been teetering on the brink of a meltdown for days, and at Matthew’s words, he finally lost it.
  26. I couldn’t see Justine anywhere, but Graham was above me, teetering on the edge of the vast hole I was in.
  27. His mind was teetering on the edge of coherent thought; he registered nothing other than pain and confusion.
  28. Now… today, as i write these words: the entire earth is teetering on a balance point between life and death.
  29. A flatbed teetering with bales of cotton cut them off, forcing the station chief to slam on the BMW’s brakes.
  30. I spotted a hallway where I thought the sounds came from, the ceiling teetering where the second story used to be.
  31. When he returned, he’d inevitably find Anna drinking coffee and reading through a teetering stack of newspapers.
  32. She was teetering in glittery killer heels but she still had to draw herself up to her full height to kiss Caramarin.
  33. But I am teetering on the edge of grief’s mouth, and if I returned to my parents’ old faction, it would swallow me.
  34. He turned and hurled the flask across the room where it clattered and spun to a stop, teetering like an old rocking chair.
  35. It grew up in the Middle Ages and only 20 years ago, there was a host of medieval shops and houses teetering over the pavement.
  36. The horse snorted, eyes rolling at the teetering figure who advanced upon them, but stood its ground, vetted warhorse that it was.
  37. The desk was to his right, Joe was to his left, and as Joe kept up the pressure, the bed began teetering, then falling toward Hubbell.
  38. Teetering dangerously on the edge he shifted his feet and used the momentum of the rocking spire to reach his hand inside the doorway.
  39. When Anthony overturned the van just before Lausanne, leaving us teetering over a fifty metre drop to Lake Geneva below, no one screamed.
  40. The nearer my deadlines loomed, the more monsters Amadeus would spot in my precisely arranged and precariously teetering stacks of papers.
  41. Now the wreckage of the hull, which was resting against a big rock, was teetering and threatening to collapse on top of the tangled animal.
  42. I should have been thinking of my friend, teetering between this world and whatever comes next, but instead I thought of what I said to Tobias.
  43. In 2009, Ackman did impeccable work with his investment in mall owner General Growth Properties (GGP) as it was teetering on the edge of bankruptcy.
  44. The fourth and final approaching creature was able to stop in time, teetering on the very edge of the cliff, a spike and a claw holding it in place.
  45. The receding draft of the huge bird sucked him irresistibly out from his forward lean and he suddenly found himself teetering on the ledge’s rim.
  46. But now that we’ve had Greece, Spain, and other nations teetering on default—or, like Argentina, plunging over the edge—foreign government bonds have become a riskier deal.
  47. A great rolling sea, dashing high up against the reeling ship's high teetering side, stove in the boat's bottom at the stern, and left it again, all dripping through like a sieve.
  48. The next square waited, she knew, with the scribbled blue chalk 17, but her mind flung out its arms and balanced, teetering, poised with her numb foot planted across the 1 and the 6, and could go no further.
  49. Maybe Abigail had been teetering on the edge of her decision, playing around with the idea but not really seriously considering it, and Ed’s calm down comment had been just the shove she’d needed.
  50. Other than the plant pots and one teetering carriage, there was no obvious damage, although of course there would be in the parts of the city where the buildings were old and wooden rather than new and stone.
  51. Jose looked mystified by the whole experience, teetering on what looked to be the brink of reality; a foggy new dimension that was beginning to resemble more of a fantasy; one that for the moment, truly hindered his focus.
  52. Hilderich repeated his question, this time shouting, demanding, fury overtaking him despite the parts of his mind that warned him of teetering on a precipice of unfathomable depth, every step reeking with deadly danger:.
  53. With the US government keeping interest rates insanely low, and some of the companies, cities, and even nations that issue bonds teetering on the brink—or even going bankrupt—they don’t seem like such a great deal to everyone anymore.
  54. But as there was no space for anything new in ShantyTown, and vertical construction was impossible given the resources at hand, they’d typically just patch or prop or partition their teetering shacks, struggling to extend the grim serviceability of what little they had.
  55. The store was as plain as the receiving office, all dust and unpainted wood, with worn beige machines for faxing and photocopying, and untidy piles of address forms for the parcel services, and teetering stacks of packages, some presumably incoming, and some presumably outgoing.
  56. On the front steps stood two women in black and behind them a large yellow Plump Miss Pittypat was teetering excitedly on tiny feet, one hand pressed to her with a surge of dislike, she realized that the fly in the ointment of Atlanta would be this copious bosom to still her fluttering heart.
  57. Rincewind occasionally had nightmares about teetering on some intangible but enormously high place, and seeing a blue-distanced, cloud-punctuated landscape reeling away below him (this usually woke him up with his ankles sweating; he would have been even more worried had he known that the nightmare was not, as he thought, just the usual discworld vertigo.
  58. Despite there having once been a time when each different type of plate was sorted into its own separate stack, they were now being tossed together in random, teetering card-house piles of butter-slathered glass, coated with crusted cheese dips and half-devoured, soggy, broccoli, all of which was routinely splashed into Blok's face from the required high water-pressure of the rinsing hose.
  59. If that fucking Russian asshole had not decided to invade Europe the teetering balance of imperial powers would have lasted longer… and all of the millions of good things that were happening at this time would have had a chance to grow, and flower… and all of the evil rotting things would have had a chance to die out or be destroyed by the new wave of good that was being born everywhere all over the newly industrialized world.
  1. He sucks in dueling lungfuls of air, teeters and falls face forward.
  2. Timber splinters, as though the rubble teeters on some final fulcrum.
  3. A tree with droopy branches and shriveled leaves teeters over the frail stalks of grass that cover the yard.

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1. I teeter on the brink.
2. Doors teeter on their rusted hinges.
3. We stood balanced on a teeter totter.
4. Rhonda down the hall watching her elephant butt teeter back.
5. The barrier began to teeter under the force of the spinning tires.
6. Ruddick is about the Harris Teeter grocery business, not textiles.
7. We teeter at the brink of sanity---a mindless chasm awaits our plunge.
8. We teeter between horror and relief as George corners the beautiful Rose in the belltower and chokes the life out of her.
9. His hand that clenched the newel post trembled and allowed him to maintain his balance, as he seemed to teeter back and forth on the stairs.
10. The pipe that he and Lenar had just blown fell, hitting the second pipe, turning up like an unbalanced teeter tatter before sinking the rest of the way to the bottom.
11. Short-term or long-term? Bonds and interest rates teeter on opposite ends of a seesaw: If interest rates rise, bond prices fall—although a short-term bond falls far less than a long-term bond.
12. Ducks and geese frequent it in the spring and fall, the white-bellied swallows (Hirundo bicolor) skim over it, and the peetweets (Totanus macularius) "teeter" along its stony shores all summer.
13. To sailors, oaths are household words; they will swear in the trance of the calm, and in the teeth of the tempest; they will imprecate curses from the topsail-yard-arms, when most they teeter over to a seething sea; but in all my voyagings, seldom have I heard a common oath when God's burning finger has been laid on the ship; when His "Mene, Mene, Tekel Upharsin" has been woven into the shrouds and the cordage.

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