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Telecommunications in a sentence

1. The telecommunications industry was an asset play 20 years ago.
2. There was some sort of telecommunications or utility pole up there.
3. In the world of telecommunications, bandwidth costs money, often lots of it.
4. Telecommunications and the Ministry of Finance would discuss and finalise Spec-.
5. ATM networks are a hybrid of telecommunications and data networking technologies.
6. This is especially the case in the telecommunications and the convergence of technologies.
7. In March 2014, the National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) arm of the U.

8. Most of the company’s assets were bought by Cable & Wireless, the British telecommunications giant.
9. Another typical political monopoly is those for the supply of electricity, water or telecommunications.
10. As telecommunications became easier I started calling her every few months to see how she was getting on.
11. Some, such as telecommunications, have been entirely to the good; others, like flamethrowers or Agent Orange, have not.
12. One of the most often repeated arguments that I have heard about the prices for telecommunications is the lack of competition.
13. Education in ICT (internet and telecommunications) is a must for each and every citizen of Namibia as we progress into the future.
14. These telecommunications and dot-com companies rocketed the NASDAQ-100 index to a gain of almost 400 percent from late 1998 to early 2000.
15. He received a three-month early-out from the Army for attending classes, majoring in telecommunications at Los Angeles State University.
16. To have e-commerce, a country needs rich computer infrastructure, a functioning telecommunications network, and cheap access to the Internet.
17. In the aftermath of the riots the Prime Minister announced the government might look at disconnecting some online and telecommunications services.
18. AT&T discovered this shortcoming when it began doing research into computer networks that would run over the existing telecommunications infrastructure.
19. The funding for the Internet Action Group will come directly from the Universal Fund that is contributed to by the telecommunications companies in Namibia.
20. The passing of the Telecommunications Act of 1996 has allowed new entrants to compete against the incumbent local exchange carriers in their local markets.
21. And it also worked because he did not buy into-instead he sold into-the overblown optimism that inflated the price of telecommunications shares in early 2000.
22. I challenge the telecommunications companies together with tourism companies to place web cameras around the country providing live feeds into an Internet site.
23. Ebbers was using his company’s high stock price to make multiple acquisitions, such as telecommunications company MCI; in fact, he made more than 75 acquisitions.
24. Want to be a global heavyweight in the telecommunications game? Better buy that small wireless company in Indiana to expand your footprint and fill in your service area.
25. You’ve increased telecommunications, which should have brought you closer together as a people, and yet, the greater the technology, the greater the sense of isolation.
26. Drew Puddy learned everything about telecommunications while serving one term of duty In Iraq and another three years stationed at Ellsworth Air Force Base in South Dakota.
27. An ATM backbone, therefore, may be connected not only to data networking components such as routers, switches, and servers, but also to PBXs and other telecommunications devices.
28. Even more important, WorldCom’s business was characterized by high rates of customer churn and vigorous price competition for its telecommunications and data transmission services.
29. In April 1981, just as the 1981 bear market was getting underway, MCI Communications, a telecommunications stock trading in the over-the-counter market, broke out of a price base at $15.
30. Because fiber optic permits segment lengths much greater than UTP, having telecommunications closets containing switches or hubs scattered about a large installation is no longer necessary.
31. The first few months of 2000 were a heady time for technology and telecommunications stocks, and some of the lift in TDS's price may have been the animal spirits infecting the entire sector.
32. Then, in the first three months of 2000, during the general euphoria that lifted the shares of virtually any company in the telecommunications business, SCCX stocks spiked up from $8 to above $16.
33. Various additional pieces of legislation, along with judicial and regulatory decisions, have promoted the radical restructuring of the telecommunications industry in both the United States and abroad.
34. While this book is naturally more interested in leased lines as WAN technologies, it’s important to understand that they are also a vital element of the voice telecommunications network infrastructure.
35. The most recent example, of course, is technology and telecommunications stocks, which hit record highs when their future seemed brightest in 1999 and early 2000, and then crashed all the way through 2002.
36. It had a sprawling, suburban look to it, could be mistaken for some regional offices of a refrigeration company, maybe a telecommunications headquarters, except for the razor wire that curlicued around the walls.
37. Lucent Technologies was engaged in the research and development of a number of cutting-edge telecommunications technologies at AT&T, and so was considered the crown jewel of AT&T’s portfolio of subsidiaries.
38. Much of the credit for that performance seems attributable to the dot-com bubble, made possible by the widespread adoption of the Internet and the vast electrical and telecommunications infrastructure of the United States.
39. For example, in telecommunications company WorldCom’s 1998 annual report, CEO Bernard Ebbers bragged about a 132 percent increase in income and a 137 percent increase in stock price, and he promised to continue both trends.
40. The whole payment procedure, generation of income and the participant agents’ interaction with the Computational Monetary System are totally computerized in global and interconnected network via Internet or telecommunications.

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