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Telegrapher in a sentence | telegrapher example sentences

  1. The telegrapher was standing in front of the stove preparing fried eggs.
  2. Harv Tiller the young telegrapher on night shift was a good checker player.
  3. While passengers got off and on, I helped the telegrapher pull the wagons heaped high with baggage and U.
  4. As we trotted back to the station, the telegrapher handed up a copy of the orders to the conductor as the caboose went by.
  5. One night the telegraph in the next office began its string of clicks, but it wasn’t some other telegrapher wanting to play checkers.

  6. After the burial he drew up and personally submitted to the president of the republic a violent telegram, which the telegrapher refused to send.
  7. I’d been helping the telegrapher and office manager during the day for five weeks when Uncle Harry switched me to the midnight to eight in the morning shift.
  8. The depths of his own experience and resources were his own second nature, and would have given any casual passerby only the glimpse of an official telegrapher at his routine chores.

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