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Telegraphic in a sentence | telegraphic example sentences

  1. Attacker does, a none, telegraphic, sidekick.
  2. They were coming to Earlham because of the telegraphic message!.
  3. He scarcely read the telegraphic dispatches that reported routine operations.
  4. A telegraphic signal, improperly interpreted, owing to the fog, was the cause of this error.
  5. Colonel Gerineldo Márquez had a telegraphic call from Colonel Aureliano Buendía that afternoon.

  6. Colonel Gerineldo Márquez limited himself then to just listening, burdened by the impression that he was in telegraphic contact with a stranger from another world.
  7. The bourgeois, feeling that the cake was in danger of being wasted, and moved by this useless shipwreck, entered upon a telegraphic agitation, which finally attracted the attention of the swans.
  8. The ticker tape was a paper-based, telegraphic reporting method for transactions (later was supplanted by the so-called Trans Lux, an electronic version of the paper tape that used to be displayed in all brokerage offices).
  9. At eleven o’clock in the morning he learned the details from Leona Cassiani in a telegraphic conference during which he himself operated the transmitting equipment for the first time since his years as a telegraph operator.
  10. In return, she flashed him a glance letting him know she had not forgotten his partiality for canvasbacks, and after that the rest of the dinner was a telegraphic communication between the pair of recognized intimacies of their married life.
  11. Nowadays every government, the despotic as well as the most liberal, has become what Herzen has so cleverly termed a Genghis Khan with a telegraphic equipment, that is, with an organization of violence, having for basis nothing less than the most brutal tyranny, and converting all the means invented by science for the inter-communication and peaceful activities of free and equal men to its own tyrannous and oppressive ends.

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