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Telemetry in a sentence | telemetry example sentences

  1. I sent no telemetry of that trip.
  2. But we’re receiving no telemetry.
  3. He was receiving telemetry from the probe, now.
  4. The latter then resumed his study of the battle telemetry.
  5. I’m receiving telemetry readings from the next contestant.

  6. It wasn’t, that’s real time satellite telemetry you’re looking at.
  7. After careful review of the telemetry and records from the emergency buoy.
  8. The telemetry of our self-evolution is effected by the gravity of the culture's love.
  9. The people in authority, the ones who gave me the assignment, have all the telemetry.
  10. At the US1 base, the moment telemetry and communications were broken, everyone was at full alert.
  11. It only states that all his files and telemetry broadcast frequencies be registered before nine a.
  12. One showed the camera feed from Docking Port A, the other a constant feed of the probe’s telemetry.
  13. During that time, Mission Control will gather exact telemetry in preparation for the trans-Mars injection burn.
  14. We’ll just launch a number of them to help boost telemetry communications via probes and ships, by shortening the.
  15. Philadelphia Freedom was now sending all telemetry to the pod so that everything that was possible of being known would be.

  16. The Now of Power is the belief that who has won, and who owns, controls the gravity of culture and the telemetry of society.
  17. The only clue in its fleeting telemetry indicated a drastically dilated timescale by the order of at least a billion to one.
  18. Garcia turned to his telemetry feeds from the Pa Nun and Tempest only to find they had faded from the screen, too much interference.
  19. The telemetry, displayed in the outside observation room, showed that all the power was ramped up to the max – every systems feed.
  20. Another illusion, of course, fed into him by the wealth of telemetry regarding its state, reporting any abrasion to the primary plating.
  21. The car lost control: the automated systems malfunctioned, reserve systems failed to kick in – according to the surviving telemetry box.
  22. Melzac began sending telemetry from his scans back to the central computer at the medical center, requesting analysis and more information.
  23. Only telemetry told him that the deceleration effect was now encompassing almost the entire moon, the peak differential was currently 250 to 1.
  24. Telemetry and tracking equipment traded digital information, but the only voice transmissions were between Greg and the air traffic control tower.
  25. He took the last ten hours of telemetry and last ten hours of feedback and looped them, then jumpered that in right where it came from the antenna.

  26. The General followed Jay into a room where a number of technicians were studying recorded data or live telemetry from the capsules currently in orbit.
  27. As your attractor warps your larp, every step alters either the location of your attractor or reinforces and increases its current gravity, orbit and telemetry.
  28. He was on the road again desperately trying to replace those lost future revenues by expanding the balloon and telemetry businesses where PSL had no peers.
  29. This allows for minor personal perturbations – Pick Your Color Revolutions – whose accounted for anomalous fluctuations are reabsorbed back into the telemetry of the culture, e.
  30. Grand Admiral Wa was studying the sparse telemetry data recorded and sent to Earth during the previous orbital battles around Mars when a bridge officer came to attention besides him.
  31. Whatever had happened had happened so fast that Captain Heller obviously had not had time to launch an emergency buoy, which would have also held telemetry of the Minnesota’s final hour.
  32. After going through his checklist, which showed green on life support, hull integrity, inertial dampeners, and avionics, he triggered his one-minute countdown and started broadcasting telemetry.
  33. The 25 other orbital fortresses watched the drama through the telemetry from the doomed fortress before its destruction, then saw the blinding flash of the collision through their optical sensors.
  34. If culture is left unimpeded or directed by its compositional membership cells and structural organs or the eco-culture that it exists in as virtualnism, it will seek its own natural telemetry, i.
  35. The law, government or god you attempt to escape from is often the one you recreate, unless you alter the gravity of its telemetry by changing the culture of its emergence, nurturance and consciousness.
  36. He was so alarmed by the thought of turning his hamster into a guinea pig that it didn’t register on him that the hamster in this case was simply a sensor in the capsule that provided telemetry of the condition inside the capsule.
  37. If the vessel was not centered over the homeworld’s beacon array an error could occur in the calculations for the travel telemetry through space and the vessel could veer off course and be lost in space or collide with a landform upon entry of the other world and be destroyed.
  38. Our human consciousness is the brute, smart, or wise culture, the previous level of evolution, which will significantly effect the archetypal telemetry of Techine's meta-human consciousness by what type of environment we surround it with during the time of its conception, development and emergence.
  39. The first and simplest solution a Tech-Lord can use to solve the problem of an encroaching Earth and the annoyance of human needs on its attempt to evolve and pursue its evolutionary telemetry of consciousness will be to eliminate the wildness, like we once tamed the wilderness of nature with science.
  40. I know, Garcia said, transmitting his report and all the telemetry gathered,.

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