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Teleology in a sentence | teleology example sentences

  1. Love’s teleology is to love.
  2. This teleology, however it might arise, be consented upon or enforced, is the cultural end-mind – the who do we want to become and why – from which ethics are developed, expressed, and applied.
  3. A teleology of transcendence creates the conditions that allows for the emergence and evolution of a paradigm-shattering attractor – an ideal whose mere conception redefines the gravity of perception.
  4. This hypothetical new mind, Techine, is the speculative attractor of monergic and technological teleology that is drawing us up to serve in the creation of the environment that will be conducive to its emergence.
  5. After that we might ask: why should we love our neighbor, to what extent, and what is the purpose, meaning, and teleology of neighborly love? Within this context we are refining the definitions of love and neighbor in regards to each other.

  6. Thus, the teleology of a chaotically complex socio-political system is the eventual remonopolization of the citizen-consumer through the exhaustion of economic conflict and competition for rewards into apathetic civil docility that is content to play the game, iEntrepreneur: selling yourself for the fun of profit, that enslaves them to the tyranny of The Game out of the threat of imminent chaos should it end.
  7. There are three types of zombies; those that eat brains, like TV viewing and junk diets, making your brain stomach to whatever foods consumed; those that consume minds, ideological memes, like religious faith and national patriotism, that take up residence in minds and reshape brains in the I'mage of their worship; and spiritual zombies that take over the purpose of existence, its ethic, attractor, and teleology of the ideal.

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