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Telepath in a sentence | telepath example sentences

  1. Maybe the telepath.
  2. Hagan wasn’t the telepath.
  3. But she is also a telepath.
  4. The telepath asked a good question.
  5. You’re a telepath, Rykus said.

  6. You’re quick to judge me, telepath.
  7. She’s a telepath, one of them said.
  8. This is my first meeting with a telepath.
  9. What if Bayis was being influenced by a telepath?
  10. When she heard the telepath curse, she relaxed her fists.
  11. A brick house of a man was next and said, Private Gafar, master telepath.
  12. Rykus frowned, then slowly said, Stratham isn’t the only telepath?
  13. It’s possible Stratham is the only telepath who’s infiltrated the Coalition.
  14. On her planet, it was impossible to witness the struggles of a newborn telepath.
  15. She wanted the telepath dead, wanted it almost more than she wanted off the ship.

  16. I thought we were dead when he brought in that stinking telepath, Glor said.
  17. A telepath? she asked, tilting her head one way, her antennae going the other.
  18. Oh my God! They must know that I am a telepath and have found a way to counter it.
  19. You’re a telepath, Garcia said, grumbling about that not being in the report.
  20. Sir Anthony, here is a confidence to be kept strictly to yourself: I am a telepath.
  21. Simone was such a strong telepath that it wasn’t necessary to touch Selar, but 397.
  22. It was Hagan’s legislative assistant, the telepath who’d spoken in her head on the Obsidian.
  23. She is a stronger telepath than I, and she has been more rigorously trained for these sorts of….
  24. What do the… telepaths want from the files? It was difficult to say the word telepath out loud.
  25. Ash was already on her feet, already sprinting toward the telepath who’d inadvertently saved her life.

  26. First, though, I must warn you to empty your mind and to control your thoughts: Laplante is a telepath.
  27. You are not strong enough of a telepath to have guided Riker to you and it certainly wasn’t your mother.
  28. Then they should telepath their information to a Judge somewhere and get a warrant for the culprits arrest.
  29. No telepathic powers, but earlier you said they used a telepath to fake Lieutenant Tom’s message? I asked.
  30. And, if there is a willing telepath, we can take control of their bodies just as easily as we can usurp technology.
  31. He said that a full telepath would be completely untouchable because everyone would be totally transparent to them.
  32. On one hand I did not like the idea of letting a telepath poke around my head, but on the other hand I suspected this was a test.
  33. He talked about evolution and how it was human destiny to evolve into telepathic beings because of the dominance of the telepath.
  34. I may not be as strong a telepath as you, but I would know if my daughter died, even if she was on the other side of the galaxy.
  35. That, and what one telepath knows, all the telepaths know, meaning Betazoids are less likely to be manipulated into doing something they don’t want.
  36. The only trace of his emotions was on his face, and for a telepath to be so angry that it reflected on his face alone, without emanating in psychic waves, 92.
  37. I am sorry about this little mystery but I was just informed that Laplante is a telepath: her words were intercepted as she confided to Eden in the antechamber.
  38. They must have had a telepath among their number because as soon as the squad was wiped out they used Lieutenant Tom’s personal communicator and security codes to send a distress call.
  39. After their playful kidding around Gafar spoke up and said, Okay, Vydor, how did you keep that hidden? Gafar, being a master telepath was a bit put out by the fact even he had not known.

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