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Than in a sentence | than example sentences

  1. We do more than obey.
  2. Other than to be good.
  3. It is more than helpful.
  4. Worse than it hurts them.
  5. He is more than capable.

  6. It was worse than when.
  7. More than likely it was.
  8. Is better than the first.
  9. I cheered more than most.
  10. No more than last week.
  11. Could be worse than that.
  12. Ava knows more than I do.
  13. And what better than to.
  14. More than you can know.
  15. Little more than a child.

  16. But sooner than you think.
  17. Lives than he killed lives.
  18. Being human than with our.
  19. In fact, it’s more than.
  20. Be more than my jobs worth.
  21. God more than anything else.
  22. I was worth more than that.
  23. She is more precious than.
  24. Three is two less than five.
  25. VPS is more expensive than.

  26. It was much less busy than.
  27. And I had less than 24 hours.
  28. Other than that, there was.
  29. Maybe more than he should.
  30. My brother was older than I.
  31. A lot less than I'd like to.
  32. It was a bit more than that.
  33. She looked worse than I felt.
  34. Some days more than others.
  35. More than once he looked up.
  36. Then rather than sit around.
  37. It was more than he hoped for.
  38. He was stronger than he had.
  39. It is more than a religion;.
  40. Not more than four weeks ago.
  41. That was easier said than done.
  42. He wants it much more than you.
  43. She knew better than that now.
  44. Let's face it, older than God.
  45. He was no more than eleven or.
  46. Truth is stranger than fiction.
  47. She was a lot quicker than Ava.
  48. Of the real than the real facts.
  49. Some, no taller than her waist.
  50. But it's worse than that Sammy.
  51. And yet, it was more than that.
  52. He was little more than a year.
  53. Prevention is Better than Cure.
  54. Being at ease is more than that.
  55. Other than that I liked the guy.
  56. Anything was better than this!.
  57. Your love is better than wine.
  58. No, it was worse than a flea-pit.
  59. Red may be a better color than.
  60. One is not better than the other.
  61. He knew better than to lie –.
  62. Not more than twenty minutes ago.
  63. You have to dig deeper than this.
  64. It seemed to be better than the.
  65. Katie’s got sharper eyes than I.
  66. Jews, than pagans and than beasts.
  67. Nuts have more in common than not.
  68. This went on for more than a year.
  69. He was browner than his son and.
  70. The cancer proved stronger than.
  71. Now, anyone else other than the.
  72. More than I could say about mine.
  73. Other than that, I liked the guy.
  74. Shinvei did more than just change.
  75. You were far more than that to me.
  76. It looked not much bigger than a.
  77. Worse than one could ever imagine.
  78. He is nearer than your own breath.
  79. The thought more than excited him.
  80. It's much simpler than we thought.
  81. It gets better than that, Mr.
  82. Children are different than adults.
  83. Good as new in less than a day.
  84. We’re much more alone than that.
  85. She went a few steps than stopped.
  86. Than another? Or has this all been.
  87. He was more than what she expected.
  88. I’ve got bigger breasts than her.
  89. We waited more than an hour until.
  90. Miles, over five but less than ten.
  91. In fact, it is more tortured than.
  92. No, it’s much better than that.
  93. It was more than I could have done.
  94. Ostedes was more powerful than ever.
  95. More often than not, he hit himself.
  96. You know, the only thing worse than.
  97. With Pappi safely than any panther.
  98. She deserved more respect than that.
  99. This is more easily expressed than.
  100. Harry was more than familiar with Mr.

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