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Those in a sentence

Those that do not will.
When we fight as those.
Some of those may have.
I need those magic hands.
Oh! The idiocy of those.
For those who act in the.
Those who live by faith.
One of those options is.
Who truly weep over those.
One of those pensive ones.
Those carbs that are from.
Those that are should not.
For those who would delude.
What’s up with those two.
Like those porn flicks we.
Pim can elaborate on those.
We call on those groups.
The strikes of those from.
Those prey to them wish to.
Today was one of those days.
Why are those men here?
I can eat without those.
Each of those people would.
What those Anglos did to us.
Those who are in the bible.
Those who have a great cal.
Those who want to seem more.
I was not one of those girls.
Give me two of those torches.
Killed two of those bastards.
Those men with whom you were.
It's neither of those things.
We just have to cross those.
Those, on the contrary, for.
Those were years of transition.
But those are merely words.
You can’t have grown those.
He seemed to me one of those.
Those that were healed began.

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