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Threateningly in a sentence

He held it aloft threateningly, the.
Miss Thorne glared threateningly at her.
Curley looked threateningly about the room.
Sit and eat, said Morgan threateningly.
He started to rise threateningly from his chair.
Sicarius did not draw a weapon or posture threateningly.
The best that Dunk could do was scowl at them threateningly.

It backed off a few inches, and opened its lid threateningly.
Temple guards stepped forward to block our way threateningly.
Hands up, said the boy, jabbing the pitchfork threateningly.
Johnny twitched his hand threateningly to the now grinning shepherd.
Spartan yawned threateningly, and the trader scurried on with his tale.
Whoa, he said, and yanked threateningly on the knotted tripwire.
She squeezed his neck with her hands threateningly as if to choke him.
He raised his spiked mace threateningly, patting its large steel head.
Koran (one of the less threateningly worded English translations), are a.
They moved threateningly towards the on-screen me, teeth and fangs bared.
Chevalier walked up and stood threateningly in front of them, Where is.
Blast you! he shouted, holding up his whip threateningly at the count.
The big cat crouched low growling threateningly at this unexpected reaction.
Wha-a-t? said the inspector threateningly, and made a step towards him.
Not a word, Mavis said threateningly to Percival as she got into the car.
I couldn’t see much but I heard Levi growl threateningly, to which Connor replied.
A biro is an innocuous item but if used threateningly, it becomes an offensive weapon.
Inevitably, this led to an avalanche, which rumbled threateningly as it came toward them.
Winthrop slowly and threateningly wandered the room stopping where Greg was shackled to.
Her father moved to step away, but the knife was back threateningly in front of his nose.
As soon as I tendered him the coin he fell back a step or two, and eyed me threateningly.
They waved their weapons threateningly at the guards who had raced in from all directions.
This conversation is not over, he whispers threateningly as we enter the dining room.
I'm sick of you!' shouted the girl, stamping her foot, and moved threateningly towards him.
He took a heavy paperweight and lifted it threateningly, but at once put it back in its place.
Tom looked back at her in a way his mother could not see and squinted his eyes threateningly.
Because presently, shaking their spears threateningly at us, they went off with the newcomer.
Colt came away from the tree that he had been leaning against and approached me threateningly.
Ivan stopped and listened for a moment, when he shook his head threateningly and entered the room.
The two soldiers chatter fearfully and threateningly in Arabic, point their guns at Russ and John.
At least he wasn’t glaring threateningly at her as he had the last time she pried into his past.
But aren't you trying to arrange it so? broke from him suddenly, and he frowned threateningly.
The hooded figure turned from its contemplation of the distant haze and raised its wand threateningly.

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