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Timeliness in a sentence

1. The Director mandates timeliness.
2. Which should take precedent? Timeliness.
3. That’s neutral, but its timeliness was positive.
4. Over the years, the timeliness rank has had a superior record.
5. As for timeliness, limit yourself to stocks with ranks of 1 or 2.
6. I do not think that slow serial fixes is the way to go for timeliness.
7. The technical rank probably seems a lot like the timeliness rank to you.

8. Timeliness should be ranked 1 or 2, the safety rank is up to your volatility preference.
9. Consideration should also be given to the timeliness of microbial enumeration testing after.
10. As it was back in 1997, IBM was still ranked 2 for timeliness, but its safety rank improved to 1.
11. Where to Find It: Value Line prints timeliness and safety in a box at the upper left corner of each profile page.
12. Timeliness is a prediction of how well the stock should perform relative to all other stocks in the next 12 months.
13. Since timeliness is paramount, the fastest way to reprogram the computer will be to exchange a chip set in one of the.
14. Amory hadn’t said anything about timeliness, and Keith was concerned—or knew, somehow—that Samantha would be there.
15. In reality, there are measurement errors (depending of the representativeness and timeliness of the survey) but these can be lessened.
16. The way they’re different is that timeliness considers the company’s earnings when projecting near-term performance; the technical rank does not.
17. Historic allocations of capital, timeliness in the business cycle, and honoring contractual demands can all stymie the best intentions of management.
18. All the information and content of this book are provided as is, and there are no guarantees of completeness, accuracy, and/or timeliness of information.
19. There is no evidence to suggest that Eddie Corton’s death was anything other than natural causes, but one cannot help but question its timeliness in its relation to this investigation.
20. Straight from Value Line’s glossary comes this handy tip: Under no circumstances should the technical rank replace the timeliness rank as the primary tool in making an investment decision.
21. Value Line commented that Integrated's business was booming; they predicted an earnings growth rate of 30 percent in 1988, after more than tripling in 1987, and rated the stock "2" for timeliness.
22. The information that is most important varies on a case-by-case basis, so timeliness of disclosures is not a matter of material consequence, although it always is for other disciplines, relative completeness of disclosures is always a matter of material consequence.
23. Among smaller market sectors, I highlight emerging market debt, given the strong performance of that asset class and the timeliness of the topic given recent developments, but I leave out many classes of securitized debt, municipal bonds, convertible bonds, and large money markets.

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