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Towards in a sentence

1. Took a step towards him.
2. It was her walk towards.
3. The man moved towards him.
4. He pulled her towards him.
5. We walked towards the gate.
6. I walked towards the door.
7. He was walking towards her.

8. I stumbled towards where A.
9. He lunges towards the cane.
10. Send him west towards the.
11. The wolf leaps towards him.
12. He walked slowly towards me.
13. She took a step towards him.
14. Manda ran towards the sound.
15. Nico made a move towards it.
16. He nodded back towards the.
17. I heard him move towards me.
18. He nodded towards the kitchen.
19. I rolled my eyes towards Liam.
20. Sliding fast towards the sea.
21. The car barreled towards her.
22. This was towards the end of.
23. Junya ran towards the place.
24. The captors ran towards Mama.
25. They are geared towards Web.
26. You go down towards the water.
27. The Bolg drove you towards it.
28. He turned his face towards me.
29. I move towards those shelters.
30. Bellona walks towards the wall.
31. He points over towards the bar.
32. Then I turned her towards him.
33. I sped towards Jefferson City.
34. Elijah came towards me saying.
35. She reached towards the prince.
36. They continued towards the rear.
37. Doc steered him towards the bed.
38. Enilia looked towards the Light.
39. He stepped towards Dalton and.
40. Joseph shot a look towards Ruby.
41. The pole tips over towards him.
42. She made a move towards Carter.
43. The five of them ran towards it.
44. I turned, stumbling towards Levi.
45. This drew attention towards him.
46. They headed towards the channel.
47. Simon begins to run towards her.
48. He limped towards the white shop.
49. It started stumbling towards me.
50. I rolled it towards the Humvees.
51. He dragged me towards him again.
52. He looks away, towards his desk.
53. He crawled away towards his car.
54. Zealand towards the 14th century.
55. The Man turned towards Menachem.
56. He ran down the steps towards me.
57. We continued east towards Indiana.
58. Turning towards the bus station.
59. I drove west, towards Washington.
60. The big guy chugged towards Tony.
61. He bolted towards the parking lot.
62. The skelborgs fire towards Marco.
63. Towards her and Elior came Laino.
64. He stomped towards Angakut with.
65. She walked towards a bronze bath.
66. Your attitude towards this house.
67. He set off towards the main house.
68. The bot-roids charged towards him.
69. The woman then turned towards him.
70. They saw me and moved towards me.
71. He returned towards the back door.
72. Joseph turned around towards Sarah.
73. I gestured towards the white cross.
74. Helez then gestured towards Rachel.
75. His hair leans towards the ground.
76. Her body plunged towards the water.
77. He held his hands open towards me.
78. It advanced steadily towards Alan.
79. And probably towards Alaric too?
80. Are they moving towards us?
81. They walked back towards the city.
82. We walk towards the door together.
83. They saw Kate walking towards them.
84. And they returned towards the cave.
85. Billy is drawn towards the cameras.
86. Rex headed towards the coffee pot.
87. I looked towards the back at Bubba.
88. For Ashat he was marching towards.
89. Everyone started running towards me.
90. He shoved the flashlight towards me.
91. Only a few were faced in towards us.
92. He gestured towards the City Tavern.
93. He brings it towards Johan’s head.
94. Odin turned his head towards Giselle.
95. He started walking towards his home.
96. That is what we are working towards.
97. Many ships are rowing towards us.
98. Meanie inched towards the iron crib.
99. Harry stopped and turned towards her.
100. Zach ushered Bryony towards the hole.

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