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Treating in a sentence

I’m treating it like that.
The first step in treating.
They are used in treating a.
Treating their pets like toys.
Amanda was treating her mother.
Treating each other like toys.
It has been used in treating.

I wonder what they were treating.
You're treating her like a leper.
He’s treating us like children.
He was treating her like a servant.
Now she was treating me with hatred.
It know that treating her that way.
Ulfur yawned, treating Elowen to a.
In treating of literature, theterms.
Jared and Juanita are… treating him.
He is treating our study volunteers.
You were treating me as if I was a boy.
He wasn’t used to young men treating.
Tammas saw Doctor Crusher treating Selar.
I began treating him with a traditional.
How are they treating you? Lin asked.
And you, how is life treating you?’’.
How are the vampires treating you?
The cure plan of Koran for treating poverty.
It will be treating me as if I were a child.
Oh they're treating me begrudgingly if at all.
Treating him as an outsider, this was most odd.
Why was he ill‐ treating her like that, and.
But the way I treating Mei Yinxue…alas!.
Harriet started treating Crystal as she had me.
Shame on you citizens for treating us that way.
He started this war by treating me as an enemy.
Let’s see what Lady Luck is treating you.
Police are treating the death as a hit and run.
The authorities are treating it as an accident.
It is used in traditional medicine in treating.
Psychoanalysts, in treating rape victims, have.
Life was treating us well on all moves and steps.
Mandell spent a good twenty minutes treating Farah.
We treated you as family.
She treated me as if the.
They were treated as geese.
After the way I treated.
As she should be treated.
That is why it is treated.
The body was being treated.
As a merchant they treated.
I treated a really sick kid.
I didn’t know he treated.
I have been treated as dirt.
They treated us as children.
She treated me like a friend.
Most of the benignly treated.
You could have treated your.
Trying to be treated better.
I’m not having it treated.
Loves being treated like that.
How will they be treated?
He never treated her like this.
God and must be treated as such.
He should be treated equitably.
I never treated you like that.
Each individual is treated as.
I hope you've been treated well.
He treated her as he would a man.
Her injuries were being treated.
He treated the old woman to tea.
I treated her with special care.
The subject is treated more in.
I hated being treated like that.
Now David has been badly treated.
A man who treated me as an equal.
My mum never treated the lodger.
She was treated by her uncle, Dr.
Just as cousin Jaume treated her.
He shall be well treated with us.
I'd treated her wrong that night.
They treated Ainura and Ali well.
Why Allergies Should Be Treated.
As it treats with you.
The treats on the bus.
She treats you the same way.
He treats us like possessions.
Do you know why Mama treats.
Don’t bribe him with treats at.
The warden treats him with respect.
I hate it when treats and cookies.
She treats him just like a footman.
Mom, no man treats his wife that way.
Because he treats me like a woman.
Blaisdell treats him almost as a son.
Delicious treats were in his future!.
If he always treats you the same and.
He treats his shoes in the same manner.
Everyone treats a conspiracy as if it.
I hope he treats you better this time.
Then we can shower ourselves with treats.
Rewarding a horse with treats whenever he.
I am glad that Jesus treats us all that way.
He deprives her of all these special treats.
She treats me like a visitor, thought I.
They brought the children balloons and treats.
Because the first marketer treats his list well.
The only exceptions are treats and confections.
Even though your country treats them like that.
Which Treats of a Mirror and of the Splinters.
So by all means enjoy sweet treats on occasions.
Harry treats the thing like some long lost child.
She treats herself badly, but treats others fine.
Western Medicine treats symptoms as causal roots.
That is why wife treats husband like toxic waste.
I brung ya some Christmas treats from the church.
Limiting how often you get the treats means that.
Every independent organism treats time differently.
He is a good man who loves his family and treats.
He treats me sooooo nice, I said with a grin.
And still no pictures or details about the treats.
How the Radio treats music is another factor, how.

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But is a big treat.
If you wish to treat.
Doc had no way to treat.
Treat as for dry burns.
What a treat this is!.
They wore red to treat.
Please treat her as such.
All eager for the treat;.
Why treat software as a.
How to Treat a Loved One.
You're in for a treat here.
I can treat him with that.
She said it was her treat.
I will treat it right away.
That would be a real treat.
But please treat me gently.
She taught me to treat my.
The sums worked out a treat.
I treat you to nice things.
It is such a treat to have.
That you treat even a beggar.
Treat the enemy with disdain.
He wanted to treat me like.
It devours the treat in one.
Shh!! Just enjoy the treat.
Bullard and his staff treat.
Besides it is used to treat.
Treat skin dilemmas with care.
She didn’t treat me David.
It can also be used to treat.
Worked a treat, eh Ma?
You should not treat it at all.
It’s about how to treat them.
So, Ill treat you with respect.
Treat every circumstance as a.
Yes, I treat the Roman soldiers.
Treat the witness with respect.
Well you’re in for a treat.
Treat your grandson as an adult.

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