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Trix in a sentence

He looked down at Trix.
Trix watched him sleep.
Trix had been awake about an hour.
Trix had never seen anything like it.
Noticeably missing, were Trix and Tiden.
Important? Why ? You are important, Trix.
Trix looked down and saw a young fairy child.

My name is Trix and this is my friend Tiden.
Tiden didn’t want to admit to Trix he was scared.
Trix was happy he could see they weren’t a threat.
Trix and Tiden were led toward the center of the city.
Trix guessed he was sleeping it off somewhere close by.
Trix woke up more rested than she thought was possible.
Trix could tell he was still hungry when he was finished.
My name is Trix, she smiled warmly at the timid boy.
Trix was tired but still insisted on flying most of the way.
Trix had grown hard steel walls around her once tender heart.
Like most oscillators, TRIX moves around a line centered on zero.
Tiden with Trix perched on his shoulder followed behind their new friend.
Trix would try to act annoyed, but then she would end up laughing as well.
TRIX is a combination of a leading momentum indicator and an oscillator, which.
King Calan, my friend Trix and I have come in search of help for our kingdom.
Trix was out gathering food her father had been wounded and was healing at home.
Trix looked over at him and could see that she needed to take control of things.
Trix expected stares and gasps of shock when then marched through the town square.
On the example of a TRIX indicator on the chart below you can see clearly that there is.
Trix was a strong fairy and she wanted to prove her strength to the larger than life Giant.
Trix was so caught up in watching Tiden that she didn’t notice a young fairy watching her.
When Trix returned less than an hour later there was no sign of her family and her home was left in shambles.
Our new friends, he motioned toward Tiden and Trix, had brought news of the atrocities that have befallen your people.
Trix let go of Lilet’s hand and flew over and landed on the table, balancing carefully to avoid the puddles of spilled syrup.
As with any technical tool, when used as a leading indicator, TRIX is better used in combination with other market indicators to.
The main advantages of TRIX over other indicators which are considered trend following is its exceptional filtration of the market noise and its propensity to be a leading indicator rather than a lagging indicator.

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