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Varia in a sentence | varia example sentences

  1. Varia rushed out of the room.
  2. Between him and Varia stood the prince.
  3. Oh! nonsense! cried Varia, angrily.
  4. Varia followed and caught him by both hands.
  5. Don’t talk nonsense, said Varia, severely.

  6. Not that Varia was afraid of standing up for herself.
  7. Varia had guessed that with her true feminine instinct.
  8. Good heavens, Varia! Speak! You have just been there.
  9. He’s got some new idea in his head, thought Varia.
  10. Scolding as usual, Varia! It is the worst thing about her.
  11. Come back, father; the neighbours will hear! cried Varia.
  12. Varia looks after things, generally, and loses her temper over it.
  13. So saying, and in a state of violent agitation, Varia left the room.
  14. Then came Varia and Ptitsin, who were rusticating in the neighbourhood.
  15. Ptitsin, Varia, Gania, and Lebedeff himself, all looked rather confused.

  16. Did you see how she spat in Gania’s face! Varia is afraid of no one.
  17. Varia heard of it first, though Colia had not asked her to introduce him.
  18. It’s a good thing that you take it philosophically, at all events, said Varia.
  19. He then turned his gaze upon Varia, bowed, and went out, without adding another word.
  20. I’m all right, said Varia, in a tone that sounded as though she were all wrong.
  21. Here is another to whom you should apologize, said the prince, pointing to Varia.
  22. What a history you are weaving out of the most ordinary circumstances! cried Varia.
  23. Varia dared not speak to him for a long while, as he strode past her, backwards and forwards.
  24. Ptitsin and Varia declared that he was in the right place, and Gania was of the same opinion.
  25. A smile of self-satisfaction beamed on his face, and Varia too was brimming over with delight.

  26. Gania had begun to frown, and probably Varia added this last sentence in order to probe his thought.
  27. Nina Alexandrovna had forgotten that she had submitted to everything! She was defending Varia.
  28. Gania seized his head with both hands and tottered to the window; Varia sat down at the other window.
  29. Varia struggled once—twice—to get free; then could restrain herself no longer, and spat in his face.
  30. I have said already that the moment she comes in I go out, and I shall keep my word, remarked Varia.
  31. Nastasia, however, smiled amiably; but Varia did not try to look amiable, and kept her gloomy expression.
  32. Varia had quietly entered the room, and was holding out the portrait of Nastasia Philipovna to her mother.
  33. Come, come! This is intolerable! You had better stop, you little mischief-making wretch! cried Varia.
  34. Varia, however, both saw and heard all, and watched Nastasia out of the room with an expression of wonder.
  35. It’s a present from herself to him, said Varia; the question is to be finally decided this evening.
  36. In point of fact, Varia had rather exaggerated the certainty of her news as to the prince’s betrothal to Aglaya.
  37. The bewildered Gania introduced her first to Varia, and both women, before shaking hands, exchanged looks of strange import.
  38. Varia, PLEASE go on reading, she said at length, at the same time handing her niece the book, and patting her hand kindly.
  39. What! Aglaya would have funked? You are a chicken-hearted fellow, Gania! said Varia, looking at her brother with contempt.
  40. Probably you have noticed that I have been in my old bad humour today, and have had a nasty quarrel with Varia? he resumed.
  41. Forgetful of everything he aimed a blow at Varia, which would inevitably have laid her low, but suddenly another hand caught his.
  42. He was not in the least disconcerted to see Varia there, but he stood a moment at the door, and then approached the prince quietly.
  43. Surely there must be someone among all of you here who will turn this shameless creature out of the room? cried Varia, suddenly.
  44. She even goes as far as helping the children, through Hippolyte, because their mother cares nothing about them, and Varia does the same.
  45. But seeing that Nastasia Philipovna was really about to leave the room this time, he sprang at Varia and seized her by the arm like a madman.
  46. He advanced into the room mechanically; but perceiving Nina Alexandrovna and Varia he became more or less embarrassed, in spite of his excitement.
  47. Arrived at her own house, Varia heard a considerable commotion going on in the upper storey, and distinguished the voices of her father and brother.
  48. That is, he went to school, looked after his father, helped Varia in the house, and ran her errands, and went frequently to see his friend, Hippolyte.
  49. Are you going to cross my path for ever, damn you! cried Gania; and, loosening his hold on Varia, he slapped the prince’s face with all his force.
  50. Varia had risen from her place and had started to go upstairs to her mother; but at this observation of Gania’s she turned and gazed at him attentively.
  51. Good Lord, was there ever such a man as you? Tfu! and are you aware, sir, that this Gania, or his sister Varia, have brought her into correspondence with Nastasia Philipovna?
  52. As to the evening party at the Epanchins’ at which Princess Bielokonski was to be present, Varia had reported with accuracy; though she had perhaps expressed herself too strongly.
  53. Nastasia Philipovna gazed at him with a haughty, ironical expression of face; but when she glanced at Nina Alexandrovna and Varia, and from them to Gania, she changed her tone, all of a sudden.
  54. He had determined not to bring Varia with him; but Nastasia had not even asked after her, though no sooner had he arrived than she had reminded him of the episode between himself and the prince.
  55. Do you wish me to beg pardon of this creature because she has come here to insult our mother and disgrace the whole household, you low, base wretch? cried Varia, looking back at her brother with proud defiance.
  56. Nina Alexandrovna gave a little cry of anxiety; Ptitsin took a step forward in alarm; Colia and Ferdishenko stood stock still at the door in amazement;—only Varia remained coolly watching the scene from under her eyelashes.
  57. On receiving the news, Lizabetha and her daughters and the general all rushed off to Aglaya, followed by Prince Lef Nicolaievitch—undeterred by his recent dismissal; but through Varia he was refused a sight of Aglaya here also.
  58. Varia, who used to be always correcting him, never spoke to him now on the subject of his frequent absences, and the whole household was surprised to see Gania, in spite of his depression, on quite friendly terms with his brother.
  59. Well, just now you said there were no honest nor good people about, that there were only money-grubbers—and here they are quite close at hand, these honest and good people, your mother and Varia! I think there is a good deal of moral strength in helping people in such circumstances.
  60. Perhaps Aglaya’s sisters had merely been pumping Varia for news while pretending to impart information; or perhaps, again, they had been unable to resist the feminine gratification of teasing a friend—for, after all this time, they could scarcely have helped divining the aim of her frequent visits.
  61. It was said that Gania managed to make a fool of himself even on this occasion; for, finding himself alone with Aglaya for a minute or two when Varia had gone to the Epanchins’, he had thought it a fitting opportunity to make a declaration of his love, and on hearing this Aglaya, in spite of her state of mind at the time, had suddenly burst out laughing, and had put a strange question to him.
  62. It was said that Elizabetha Prokofievna and her daughters had there and then denounced the prince in the strongest terms, and had refused any further acquaintance and friendship with him; their rage and denunciations being redoubled when Varia Ardalionovna suddenly arrived and stated that Aglaya had been at her house in a terrible state of mind for the last hour, and that she refused to come home.

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