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  1. Behold, the vats overflow!.
  2. But there’s mildew and formic acid in the vats.
  3. Gomorrah guzzled from the vast vats that had been.
  4. Its thinned with water and simmered in lead vats.
  5. She took a bottle from a rack and filled it from one of the vats.

  6. The brewery, brewing, the malt, the vats, every thing that is done.
  7. They were breaking up the masses of curd before putting them into the vats.
  8. And to think it could be used as fertilizer or stored in vats for methane production.
  9. Amaranthe had heard of wine-stompers displaying more courtesy to the grapes in their vats.
  10. Sampling from each of the vats and of the various tastes and textures that the wines went through.
  11. Angel, who was filling the vats with his handful, suddenly ceased, and laid his hands flat upon hers.
  12. They ate soup all through the winter, Patty keeping giant vats of it in the freezer-locker in the garage.
  13. It was a burgundy and it was pretty good so after Austin and Byron approved he started making vats of it.
  14. Chiggeed had asked them to pass the word that the theirops was off the coals and the rolls were in the vats.
  15. Now that all the vines had been cut away, William was then taken into the the huge rooms which stored the vats.

  16. Pierre saw them coming at the last minute, being busy at the time inspecting the big vats used to distill rum.
  17. Bread was baked and vast pots of stew bubbled in cast iron vats, plopping viscously like fragrant witches brews.
  18. Blood spurted out from his carotid artery, fountaining out, spraying the floor and nearer vats with his life-blood.
  19. Workmen in aprons, standing on scaffolds, were laying bricks, pouring mortar out of vats, and smoothing it with trowels.
  20. Under a sturdy arch there were two big vats in here with little firebrick hearths under them and chimney shrouds around them.
  21. Lining the walls there are 7 foot high, 100 year old wine vats that have been cut in half and cemented to the cool stone walls.
  22. I practically owed my soul to private creditors, to huge National Insurance debts, back taxes and dangerously lingering, unpaid VATs.
  23. Knume saved up for the party and had both vats bubbling, there’s almost half of this keg left and he’s got another at the feast.
  24. Bear in mind that rogue imprisonment is a serious matter---you would relinquish all privileges and be set to labor in the culture vats.
  25. Honour the Lord with the firstfruits of your increase, then your barns will be fill to overflowing, and your vats will brim over with new wine.

  26. Here, just ten minutes from the abbey, spring has been at work, not with gentle brushes, but wild splashes from the vats of a painter gone mad.
  27. Reflexively, Çrámerr's finger squeezed the carbine's trigger and shells sprayed out all over the factory floor, punching great holes into the vats.
  28. She gave Peter the formula and, under her close supervision, he used all her remaining alum to dye twelve yards of best-quality wool cloth in one of his giant vats.
  29. They piled great heaps in their vats, creating enough weight to press the grapes below… But as I was saying, they loved my poetry and feted me throughout the night.
  30. We were taking a much-needed bath and change in the Brewery vats at Poperinghe, when Jerry started a mad five minutes' "strafe" with, as it seemed, the old Brewery as a target.
  31. At the lowest point is an ancient tannery where, in execrable stench, near naked, slim, brown young men up to their thighs in round stone vats full of steaming coloured dyes, knead with their feet the beautiful, soft Moroccan leather.

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  1. He's got tasty vatted thin ones smothered in a thick bean sauce.

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1. The black vat was overhead.
2. Your vat of oil is cooked.
3. And hewed out a wine vat for the vintner.
4. It looks like he submerged it in a fryer vat.
5. Larocka dumping him in a vat of molten steel.
6. Then the vat makes its way back to the start.
7. He nodded with vigor, then looked up at Cinder’s vat.
8. We must remove the water vat here in the Hold, Tarak.
9. Winefat, (vat): A collection trough beneath a winepress.
10. VAT inspection, then employee sickness, followed by a fire.
11. Vell, zat’s exactly vat I vanted to hear from you Bobby.
12. That probably won’t work if you’re stuck in a vat of chocolate.
13. A million-gallon vat of custard upended itself over them without warning.
14. Section and quoted me a Rate Card Price of £98 + Vat for 1 week of its.
15. At day’s end, they’d hang the canteens on the sides of a coal-fire vat.
16. The vat began to shine and gleam, as if with an internal light, at Orphenn’s.
17. Which one of you boys fell in a vat of cheap wine on the way over here?
18. And ask yourself if you vill, vat kind of a man names his pet hamster like zat?
19. The entire vat needs to be replaced as the wood would have soaked up the poison by now.
20. The vat of water in the Women’s Brigade quarters has been tainted with a slow acting poison.
21. They put the vat on a table in the middle of the room, beside a carved, arm-length, walrus-horn statue.
22. The sky was immensely clear, like a vat of crystal alcohol in which the stars blazed without a twinkle.
23. Images came to me, the faces of the seven women who might have been murdered and dismembered in this vat.
24. He knocked the cat down from the bench and scolded the women because the vat was not in the right place.
25. Not twenty feet from us was a wide vat that reached almost all the way up to the high ceiling of the storage bay.
26. So far so good, but there were a few things I needed to work out before I dove head-long into another vat of stupid.
27. The rest of the governmental mechanism is funded by other taxation such as VAT, capital gains tax, excise duty, etc.
28. One of those things in a big jar that makes your stomach jump as it does when you see a preserved arm in a laboratory vat.
29. I put a thousand pounds on top of the twenty nine and went to the bank and paid thirty thousand on account for my VAT debt.
30. Since those days were, when one came to an heap of twenty measures, there were but ten: when one came to the pressing vat to draw.
31. The one other place to bathe was a vat at the steel mill, but the guards marched the POWs there for baths only once every ten days.
32. You have a spice called Tyra; all who drank from the vat will have to chew one of the cloves to purify their bodies of this poison.
33. It was not unusual that less safety conscious distillers would meet their end because they kept their cooking vat inside a building.
34. The tax people told me they would pick me up in a police box from my home straight to state security if I did not pay my huge VAT debt.
35. Alcohol vapors would sometimes collect within a closed structure and cause horrible injury or death when the vat and building exploded.
36. He did a quick estimate, like someone guessing jelly beans in a vat in a store window, sucked his teeth, and ran off with the coins rattling.
37. Imagine we're chatting in a restaurant over something deep fried and delicious with a vat of a sauce that is so good we want to drink it all.
38. Covers VAT analysis, drum-buffer-rope scheduling, buffer management, and other methods, including methods that can be used with existing systems.
39. His hands and wrists were coated with the syrupy feel of drying blood; Evan’s shirt looked as though it had been partially dipped in a vat of red dye.
40. Above the din of explosions, falling bricks, and general "wind-up" the aggrieved voice of Sammy Wilkes from Poplar, who was still in the vat, was heard:.
41. On the contrary, the two general officers frequently shared bottles of Vat 69 Scotch together, each lecturing the other about duties and responsibilities.
42. The deeper we went into the canyon the more it seemed as if we were immersing ourselves in a vat of black dye as the spirit of the place was so oppressive.
43. Zat is vat I mean, he replied with an ever-deepening frown, and pressing another button on his chair, the screen changed back into displaying the earlier map.
44. Thus, tax officers, police, VAT inspectors and hordes of others can break into your own home and drag you off to jail for one of their thousands of victimless crimes.
45. But there were no pigeons in the dove-cot, no horses in the stable, no pigs in the sty, no malt in the storehouse, no smells of grains and beer in the copper or the vat.
46. Made of oak, how do you like that? The berry mixture is four hundred degrees when the vat travels to the end of the fire pit, automatically dumping into the next available barrel.
47. She strolled into the cold room and stopped in front of vat number four, touched a few buttons on the control pad and listened as the vat automatically moved two sample tubes into the thawing chamber.
48. A bronze vat of special mead -- brewed with magic herbs, and only drank on this one day of the year -- was carried by slaves into the small, temporary hall that had been built on the site of the old one.
49. And there was a vat of silver that was moved by craft to open in the which lay strange fishes withouten heads though misbelieving men nie that this be possible thing without they see it natheless they are so.
50. It was there, in 1973, that a survivor saw Saddam Hussein, Deputy President of Iraq, bodily pick up a still struggling prisoner and tossing him into a vat of acid, watching fascinated as the wriggling man dissolved.
51. Presently resounding steps were heard in the corridor, the lock creaked open, and two prisoners in short jackets and gray trousers scarcely reaching their ankles entered, and, raising the ill-smelling vat on a yoke, carried it away.
52. But of course! A demon prince no less, tasked by Satan himself to achieve vat hasn’t happened for millenia: deestroy and spoil everyzing zat is good and beautiful on zis vorld and harvest our souls to serve as his minions, for all Eternity.
53. They created Schmold via a large vat of all the evacuated disgustingness they’d collected from being hurtled through time so many times on our exploits to collect more Greegs! It was also likely a factor that the remaining ship they had all been crammed into was increasingly being overcrowded with all of the Greegs we had collected from around the many Universes… so perhaps there is something to be said for the ability of other Greegs to have an affect on non-Greegs become Greegs? We’ll have to wager on that sometime.
54. Mark 12:1-11 A certain man planted a vineyard and set an hedge about it and digged a place for the wine vat and built a tower and let it out to farmers and went into a far country and at the season he sent the farmers a servant so that he might receive from the hired farmers the fruit of the vineyard and they arrested him and beat him and sent him away empty; and again he sent to them another servant; and they threw stones at him and wounded him in the head and sent him away shamefully handled and again he sent another one; and they killed him and many others beating some and killing some; therefore still having one son his well beloved he sent him also last of all to them saying: They will respect my son but those hired farmers said among themselves: This is the heir; come let us kill him and the inheritance shall be ours; and they took him and killed him and threw him out of the vineyard therefore what shall the owner of the vineyard do? he will come and destroy the hired farmers and will give the vineyard to others and have you not read this scripture: The stone who the builders rejected has become the head of the corner; this was the Lord’s doing and it is marvellous in our eyes.
55. The red hue of the luminous vat highlighted her violet hair,.

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