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Vaudeville in a sentence | vaudeville example sentences

  1. In vaudeville he had been known as Mr.
  2. Antoine’s Parisian plan to vaudeville!.
  3. He had played in vaudeville at Saint-Mihiel.
  4. He had had a piece rejected at the Vaudeville.
  5. I don’t at all like the idea of vaudeville, and I abhor a raffle!.

  6. Mack intended to teach her tricks and go in vaudeville and he didn’t even housebreak her.
  7. That was a trick that I’d learned not in vaudeville school but at the hands of a vaguely sadistic doctor.
  8. Thus has the old-time hero of the waves been transformed into one fitted to serve as a clown of the vaudeville stage.
  9. They went to a vaudeville stage show, visited the tomb of an unknown soldier from the Great War, and took in a light opera.
  10. It is just pretty, and at this Vaudeville Theater it is Miss Ellaline Terriss, London’s sample Christmas card beauty, who does the Cinderella act.
  11. Terry and Molly Donahue (Dailey and Merman), vaudeville headliners, incorporate their three kids, one by one, into their act from toddlerhood to teenager.
  12. You procure your mistresses from the opera, the Vaudeville, or the Varietes; I purchased mine at Constantinople; it cost me more, but I have nothing to fear.
  13. We could not bear to be apart, for we both felt, were certain, that once the Masterpiece was finished we could leave circus, carnival, or vaudeville forever.
  14. They might have been a vaudeville act that had been transported through time from Broadway circa 1920 to this lamplit, graveled stage, where they only wanted to amuse.
  15. We spun that vaudeville contraption for all it was worth, and I was glad of the distance that this show put between the ringmaster role and my real feelings and fears.

  16. They looked up and could see a network of catwaks, flies and lighting grids suspended there--remnants of the days when the theater presented a mixed bill of silent movies and vaudeville.
  17. Musically, I tried to pitch Poisoned Rose, where Willie Nelson or Charlie Rich might have conceivably sung it in the vaudeville of my dreams, but I’m not sure either of them would have cared for a song about so toxic a desire.
  18. For the next four years we traveled through the Italian opera houses and international concert halls and American vaudeville theaters, going right around the globe on the Lonely World Tour, as Steve took possession of the Painted from Memory songs.
  19. We had giant backdrops made of frames from Brian Griffin’s photographic session for the cover of Spike, in which my face was painted with vaudeville makeup and my head was mounted on a satin-trimmed trophy shield, which just happened to resemble the WB logo.

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