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Victor in a sentence | victor example sentences

  1. I hope Victor is safe.
  2. He would be the victor.
  3. Live and let live, Victor.
  4. Victor landed on his feet.
  5. Victor - that was his name.

  6. But Jason and Victor were.
  7. Tell Victor to come home.
  9. Victor is such a loving man.
  10. Victor looked at her sharply.
  11. Victor had booked the tickets.
  12. Mixed up, Victor, mixed up.
  13. Victor Magog As the thin.
  14. Victor can't surely be dying.
  15. Victor knew it was this mans.

  16. VICTOR: So they don’t what?
  17. Please come with me, Victor.
  18. Victor loved her party outfit.
  19. Victor narrowed his eyes at him.
  20. Laura, this is Victor Chaldeon.
  21. No, not her, said Victor.
  22. Victor narrowed his eyes at her.
  23. Then Victor leaned over to her.
  24. From the French of VICTOR COUSIN.
  25. Victor said with an air of trust.

  26. Victor rose in a fiery whirlwind.
  27. Victor put his head in his hands.
  28. The Narrative of Victor Chaldeon.
  29. What about me? asked Victor.
  30. Victor parked the car and got out.
  31. I…… I cannot help you Victor.
  32. Victor looked back at his magazine.
  33. There was a long pause from Victor.
  34. Victor and vanquished shook hands.
  35. Yes Victor had been silent in the.
  36. Victor and Bernie stood up together.
  37. Victor mouthed something at Sidney.
  38. Victor moved the horse next to hers.
  39. Blood? said Victor the Hunter.
  40. The truth is, Victor deemed sport.
  41. She is playing everybody and Victor.
  42. The worker’s name is Victor Panin.
  43. VICTOR: Yeah, that’s an urban myth.
  44. Victor was forced to keep him at a.
  45. Victor saw the sincerity in his eyes.
  46. Victor was annihilating hundreds of.
  47. Victor gripped the handle of his whip.
  48. Victor is still inside the stockroom.
  49. Victor shivered, but he wasn’t cold.
  50. Victor had established his army with.
  51. Maybe Victor was a traitor after all.
  52. Victor went and dragged Eric off her.
  53. Gorham and Victor stared at each other.
  54. Victor was orchestrating the new NASA.
  55. Victor awoke the same as Rex - with a.
  56. Victor didn't take her eyes from Wendy.
  57. Eyre? Victor said she was a rebel spy.
  58. Victor walked in, that look on his face.
  60. Most likely, someone like Victor or Dr.
  61. I am answering your question, Victor.
  62. Victor bends down under the table again.
  63. Victor made a spectacle of the movie by.
  64. Victor assigned them over his army - as.
  65. She was walking toward where Victor was.
  66. Victor had requested for the resistance.
  67. Well, that’s why I’m here, Victor.
  68. I will ring Victor now with the news.
  69. Victor made his way into Gorham's castle.
  70. Victor and said You have developed a.
  71. The wages of the victor was the plunder.
  72. Victor was a man who knew his own mind.
  73. The Wizard of Oz (Victor Fleming, 1939).
  74. What was that about? I asked Victor.
  75. Rex was absolutely sure that this Victor.
  76. Eric attacked Victor in a murderous rage.
  77. Later on Diane called Victor to her study.
  78. Victor watched the opening ceremony with.
  79. Victor had now established himself as the.
  80. She was the victor and she knew once the.
  81. He was also a scapegoat and blamed Victor.
  82. Victor stopped and opened the door to her.
  83. Victor said nothing can stop the diarrhea.
  84. Victor was on the media broadcast showing.
  85. Victor looked at Misha, who nodded in turn.
  86. The victor of Rio Seco was a popular hero.
  87. Victor stood up and gave the doctor space.
  88. Rex was visibly upset knowing that Victor.
  89. The door opened again and Victor walked in.
  90. Victor as they are indoctrinated by Victor.
  91. Victor, Bernie, and Brian stared in silence.
  92. Vicky lit up when she heard the name Victor.
  93. Vicky, we are suspicious of Victor Panin.
  94. Victor was well rested up and prepared for.
  95. Victor and some looked to the Crystal City.
  96. I’m Victor Kenyon of the CIA, officer.
  97. As Victor entered the room with five other.
  98. Tell me what it is you want most Victor.
  99. Victor glowed with power as he focused all.
  100. Victor Waille has communicated to the Acad.

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