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Vineyard in a sentence

in the vineyard of men.
the owner of the vineyard.
The house was on a vineyard.
‘It was here in the vineyard.
settled in Martha’s Vineyard.
to the vineyard, and killed him.
10 Yes, ten acres of vineyard.

20-1-16 Labourers in the vineyard.
Collette's home was on a vineyard.
This vineyard will belong to the bank.
’Tis the Vineyard an’ the Vestry.
him, and threw him out of the vineyard.
then back up to the top of the vineyard.
I see the vineyard, just as you said.
vineyard! I knew who it was straight away.
He was to take over the vineyard when I.
employer to the top corner of the vineyard.
The vineyard I will neither prune nor hoe.
The Parable of the Workers in the Vineyard.
(A/N: pic of vineyard and room on profile).
The yield of the vineyard is a small amount.
These are all true laborers in the vineyard.
Thus is the vineyard of The Lord tread down!.
Now the house of Israel is the Lord's vineyard.
Labourers were employed to serve in the vineyard.
the King was taking possession of a vineyard of.
I have waited patiently and tended My vineyard,.

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Synonyms for vineyard

vinery vineyard