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Vulnerabilities in a sentence

overlook the vulnerabilities of the heart.
You found his vulnerabilities and exploited them.
instead I would have my vulnerabilities thrown back.
completely wrong and their vulnerabilities were insulting.
He can detect vulnerabilities in security systems like no-one else.
Then there are vulnerabilities without risk: for example when the affected.
Saul felt that the instructor overlooked some of the MMARV’s vulnerabilities.

website to the hacker's fraudulent website by exploiting vulnerabilities in the.
Our real work started when we each came to honest terms with our own vulnerabilities.
How was he supposed to be ready for the unknown? He did know some of his vulnerabilities.
With me, Dad was kind of accepting—he seemed to associate my vulnerabilities with my mother.
They discussed the potential vulnerabilities of the mountain and the installation underneath it.
spiders are those that search for vulnerabilities in server configurations, web content to steal, etc.
� Because of the Edenic entering into and growth of consciousness, these other vital vulnerabilities arise.
A key is to capture low-probability but high-impact scenarios, primarily to see where the vulnerabilities are.
They needed to work as coordinated teams, combining their firepower and protecting one another’s vulnerabilities.
� The media and advertising use all of the vulnerabilities and needs we have felt since our very beginnings as whole beings.
Once you truly understand another’s vulnerabilities, any hurts caused by acting out on those fears loses its power to destroy.
She had run her own fuzzing program, which searched for errors and tiny vulnerabilities in the platform against the test computer.
Even with all those defenses, those kind of ships are still large with several hull weaknesses and systems vulnerabilities, said Calvin.
The call often culminated a period of intense digging and research by Park that gave him insight into the personality and vulnerabilities of his quarry.
minimal loss of capacity, that small loss still came with a price, human elements they had not been prepared for, such as emotions, desires, and physical vulnerabilities.
� In that we feel such things, and we feel a need to make connections with others to allow us to answer needs and avoid violating that vulnerability, we connect with everyone else's vulnerabilities and needs.
Of course, all humans are imperfect with personal limitations, vulnerabilities and weaknesses and Psychological research suggests there is evidence that few people would satisfy all the criteria for being ‘normal’.
Apart from that she kept at it until her eyes hurt, especially with her Zero-day Exploit, the software which exploited the unknown security vulnerabilities and which would update her status once she had actually got in.
� At the same time the media exploits our human and identity vulnerabilities, it assuages the fears and trepidations of our ego by giving us sacrificial victims of the consumerist conformity it proposes and promulgates.
[162]� All that seeming entertainment and information confuses us about the nature and value of life by using our human and very precious needs and vulnerabilities, and i8t makes everything into a commodity including ourselves.
� The dominator model can and does consciously use our needs and vulnerabilities to keep us from attaining individuation and the unification of the elements of our being: ego, identity, and self even as it deals quite happily with the rebellious non-conformist.
� That's a bad enough self-perception/meaning perspective when you think about my students and our general approach to valuing ourselves in the workplace, but it absolutely hammers at our human vulnerabilities, our need to receive and to give the unconditional.

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