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Wacke in a sentence

This wacke fuses with difficulty before Brooke's blow-pipe.
The wacke has a greenish gray colour, which is pretty uniform.
—, —, —, —, Calton Hill near Edinburgh, and on the aqueous origin of wacke, J.
—, structure of Calton Hill, near Edinburgh, Scotland, and on the aqueous origin of wacke, i, 230.
Remarks on the Structure of the Calton Hill, near Edinburgh, Scotland; and on the Aqueous origin of Wacke; by J.
Remarks on the Structure of the Calton Hill, near Edinburgh, Scotland; and on the Aqueous Origin of Wacke; by J.
Of these, it is not my intention to speak otherwise than as conveying a general idea of the geological relation of the wacke above referred to.

At the foot of this mountain, in the bottom of Connecticut river, distinct impressions of fish are found on a schistose rock, like the one above mentioned as passing into gray wacke slate.
The structure of a portion of Calton hill, where the most distinct alternations of substances (whose aqueous origin none can dispute,) with pure and well characterized wacke are displayed, has not, as yet, I believe been particularly described.
The back of the hill (as we pass from the city) is a spot of peculiar interest, consisting of alternate thin beds of bituminous shale, sandstone, wacke, and clay ironstone, disposed in a manner which will be best understood by a rough outline taken on the spot.
The elevation in the north part of Sunderland, called Toby, from 800 to 900 feet high, is chiefly conglomerate, red, brown, or greenish, which, in some parts, alternates with chlorite slate, secondary argillite, and a sandstone that seems to be passing into gray wacke slate.
The country around Edinburgh is extremely interesting to the geologist, and presents numerous instances of the junction of rocks to which the advocates of the Neptunian system have referred in support of their opinion as to the aqueous origin of greenstone, basalt, and wacke; while the same examples have been cited by the Volcanists, and by those who hold an intermediate opinion.

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