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Waddles in a sentence

John rolls down his window and the trooper waddles over.
Keg-chested Bastian waddles out with his bare legs showing beneath his coat.
Then they sneezed and shook the cold water from their waddles and drank again.
The things had furry thick waddles and curvy-sharp horns and when Trey pulled to a stop, Ben felt a flurry of nerves.
If it quacks like a duck, waddles like a duck, and tends to leave duck droppings all over the place, chances are better than even that its a duck.
Pray, satisfy each other with this Toy! And straightaway, tossing the great ivory Cock to Druscilla, and gath’ring up her fallen Finery, she waddles out of the Chamber in all her Nakedness and locks the Door behind her.
The ducks were waddling.
And had with waddling in the end.
Stub waddling along a few dwarfish steps back.
Ever since that day, the day April mentioned waddling to the.
The Gaeans were surprised to see a great, waddling battlemech.
Instead of waddling up and down the staircase, try taking them two at a.
It took the waddling figure of Della Layton to indicate why that might be.
She just waved a stubby hand over her thick shoulder and continued waddling.
The count came waddling in to see his wife with a rather guilty look as usual.
Ay, here are both your waddling beasts: this Huron travels like a white general.
They certainly didn't waddle, and one of the chelonauts was definitely waddling.
The cop actually laughed, just once, before opening the door and waddling out of the interrogation room.
You know they’ve come, Marie? said the little princess, waddling in, and sinking heavily into an armchair.
And the next thing I remember the puppy is waddling towards me, his tail flicking and his abused face full of hope.
Court saw the throttle move outboard, but there was three seconds of waddling along the runway until the burner lit.
The speaker appeared, waddling to the roof's edge, his body covered in rusty plates of armor and weapons of every sort iMaginable.
He watches as the bouncer walks towards him, chest puffed out, waddling in the way that only steroidal, over-muscled bruisers can.
Jacobs had bent and near-sightedly deciphered the tag message and, sure enough, had come shuffling and waddling to pay Martin a little how-do-you-do.
Naked, I tried to look confident but plodding along the shoreline sinking into sand was like waddling along a tight rope without any sense of balance.
When Kutúzov came out of the study and with lowered head was crossing the ballroom with his heavy waddling gait, he was arrested by someone’s voice saying:.
The old men had thirty years of mutual confidences to impart, and set busily at it, the parrot waddling the monotonous round of his cage overhead and rasping:.
He pulled himself together, looked round, screwing up his eyes, glanced at Prince Andrew, and, evidently not recognizing him, moved with his waddling gait to the porch.
A grossly fat man waddling past was the trigger for Melvyn to leap abruptly to his feet and announce that we should celebrate the meeting of true minds with an ice-cream.
The knocker on the front door hammered with a dull sound that made the still house echo and she heard Aunt Pitty’s waddling steps crossing the hall and the door opening.
As she walked along Peachtree, followed by the waddling Mammy, she found the sidewalks just as crowded as they were at the height of the war and there was the same she came here, so long ago, on her first visit to Aunt Pitty.
After 5 minutes of struggling to put on 5 pairs of jeans, and then another 5 minutes of struggling to put on my old pair of boots, I was door slamming my way outside and waddling though the backyard when I heard my mother’s angry tone.
It's for your sake, for pure humanity! I should like to see you, my friend, rid of your hideous caudication, together with that waddling of the lumbar regions which, whatever you say, must considerably interfere with you in the exercise of your calling.
As Loofah stood by the train doors watching the plump leather-clad back waddling among the birch trunks, he realised that the titanic horror that should have been engendered by the sight of this, the foulest and most loathsome entity in the known universe, had not materialised.
The latter listened to the movements of the Indian with that air of sagacity that a bear is known to possess, until another echo announced that he had also left the cavern, when it turned and came waddling up to Duncan before whom it seated itself in its natural attitude, erect like a man.
His Supreme Honkiness was waddling along the beach,.
Charlie waddled to the kitchen.
He waddled off to investigate.
Ury stood up and waddled over to the.
Two of the geese waddled into the calm water.
Vilda waddled out of the room, panting heavily.
He waddled over to the work bench and ran his.
Ford waddled around his pond in a furious circle.
The penguins waddled across it, flapping their.
She pushed herself up and waddled awkwardly to us.
Blake waddled around the desk and lifted up his shirt.
He decided on wife number three and waddled off to do.
Harry sat while Doctor Arrenberg waddled over to his desk.
Ury waddled back to the table where Paul was now missing.
Then we waddled away as best we could with our saddle sores.
The esteemed colleague waddled back to his friends, grinning.
A kid holding an adult’s hand waddled by me and looked at me.
In her own special way Shinaé waddled across to the door of the.
They waddled out into the basement floor and the doctor pointed to.
The little woman got out of her nest, and waddled over to her kitchen.
I waddled over to the corpse and we sat, backs to each other, while I.
The heels of her shoes nearly broke off as she waddled for the garage.
Tom waddled over to her on his knees and laid himself halfway over her.
Margaret? he called, and the plump heku waddled into the room happily.
Nurse waddled behind, still blinking furiously from the irritation to her eyes.
She turned her broad back on me and waddled off in the direction of the kitchen.
He scrambled up the stairs and almost waddled onto the stage, cupping his nose in.
The disgusting hog obediently waddled the width of the deck and ascended the barge.
Supported by his son and the servant-lad, he waddled at last into the drawing-room.
Mammy waddled after her, down the hall past the dining room where Ashley sat at the.
The principal was hugely obese, no longer young, either, and she rarely waddled far.
At that point Bleecker waddled partway down the stairs and peered through the railings.
The same water that you drink today a million years ago, a dinosaur waddled through it.
Philip waddled his way across to the bar and I turned to Charles with a chuckle and said.
Not a sight or a rumor, I ate as much as I could of our Noonmeal, then waddled up to bed.
Now she waddled like a duck, as if it gave her pain to let her thighs brush past each other.
Mary waddled back up the slope, holding the clod high before her as if it were the gorgons head.
Charlie waddled forward, shielding them, raising his arms in an apparent attempt to pacify Laura.
Chevalier turned to a tall, bulky woman who waddled when she entered the room, Emily, this is.
My idea of that Supreme Being was not the short, rotund man in fussy robes that waddled into view.

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The pressure alone, would cause some to waddle!.
They certainly didn't waddle, and one of the chelonauts was definitely waddling.
I pull on my ear flaps and waddle out with my case of beer, nearly tripping on the first step through the door.
Rather than waddle his fat lazy affirmative action ass off somewhere to do what he is paid for he just sits on it.
Saturday morning, I’m out of the house at dawn and waiting at the breaker when the surfer lads start to waddle in.
Champion eagles soar high above the clouds, while pigeons waddle around seemingly confused about their mere existence.
The caretaker's bulk makes his jog more like a waddle and the fine layer of sweat that Eugene remembers from childhood is still smeared across the man's forehead.
They watched the little animal as he waddled along the path contentedly and with importance; watched him till they saw his muzzle suddenly lift and his waddle break into a clumsy amble as he quickened his pace with shrill whines and wriggles of recognition.
Their rolling waddle when seen at a certain angle, their abrupt clockwork nodding in a sea-way, so unlike the soaring lift and swing of a craft under sail, have in them something caricatural, a suggestion of a low parody directed at noble predecessors by an improved generation of dull, mechanical toilers, conceited and without grace.
Of all professions, if I had liberty of choice, I would choose to be a gardener, and if nobody would have me in that capacity I would like to be a goose-girl, and sit in the greenest of fields minding those delightfully plump, placid geese, whiter and more leisurely than the clouds on a calm summer morning, their very waddle in its lazy deliberation soothing and salutary to a fretted spirit that has been too long on the stretch.

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