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Wailed in a sentence

A police car wailed past him.
Sirens wailed and grew louder.
She wailed, My babyyyy! My.
Virgils better half wailed in.
Suddenly her small voice wailed:.
Alarms wailed throughout the museum.
The baby sensed her mood and wailed.

She wailed again as her wiry legs.
No, they’re not, she wailed.
Oh God! I'm so sorry! I wailed.
The viceroy wailed and flailed about.
Kill me for this girl,’ she wailed.
Food! wailed the waif on the rock.
The mother wailed with her nurselings.
The man wailed and DRAFTChapter 14 295.
But what will they think? he wailed.
Joey wailed, more like anger than in pain.
I don’t understand, Dieter wailed.
Damn that son-of-a-bitch! she wailed.
The voices wailed and the wolves yammered.
What have you done to her? he wailed.
The horses wailed as they were struck and.
Suddenly a loud siren wailed across the sky.
He gagged upon the food, choked and wailed.
Steve wailed excitedly, It is about time.
She cried and cried and wailed and sobbed.
She wailed again, and I took that for a yes.
They’d both wailed and wailed for Daddy.
What have we done? the preacher wailed.
Zoe leaned her head against the seat and wailed.
The locomotive on the observation train wailed.
How can one do it with them? wailed the widow.
Three months ago another inmate had wailed him.
The prime minister clutched his hand and wailed.
The wind wailed and sighed in the old fir-trees.
Jesus, no, he wailed as his knees gave out.
Instead, it was her friend who wailed and wailed.
How could we have been so stupid? I wailed.
Someone, something, on the carousel wailed faintly.
She wept as her heart mourned and her soul wailed.
And still the wailing rose.
There he keened a wailing rune.
She sobbed a long wailing cry.
And stop that unbearable wailing.
At first there was only a wailing.
Much wailing, a multitude of tears.
The old women were already wailing.
The gunship’s engines are wailing.
Wailing sirens echoed down the street.
Varion, wailing now, covered his face.
He heard sounds in the air of wailing.
All the crying and the wailing stopped.
I could hear the faint wailing of a dog.
Vinnie was wailing like a banshee with.
He lay wailing upon the cold cave stones.
He hands the wailing Evie over to Anna.
From somewhere behind came a wailing howl.
Stop you’re wailing! he commanded.
Little Jack stopped his wailing instantly.
She heard a horrible wailing from above her.
And now she was singing in a wailing voice.
Cue plenty of wailing and gnashing of teeth.
They will have therein sighing and wailing.
Joey fell on the ground wailing and thrashing.
Bonnie was wailing I Gave My Love a Candle.
Other ghosts flew past her, wailing helplessly.
The baby was wailing and Justin had to save it.
Rebecca starts wailing at the top of her lungs.
Moist eyes and at times intense wailing made it.
Andy sat his head in his hands, wailing to himself.
He is wailing and moaning and crying his heart out.
For a map of inside the Wailing Caverns CLICK HERE.
A wailing that went on and on and might never stop.
I heard as a siren started wailing in the distance.
When she reappeared to find the bags moved wailing.
Still wailing, the crew hauled and bent to that rope.
The wailing of the child pierced the drum of his ear.
Seconds later two ambulances arrived, sirens wailing.
That’s when she heard the sirens wailing behind her.
Wails of torment continued.
He wails with the vehemence of the ocean.
The baby was crying now, real hearty wails.
He was crying with tremendous loud wails, the.
A plate crashes: a woman screams: a child wails.
Terrifying wails cried out for help as the noise of.
The country wails, that may be, but humanity applauds.
She hated the wails that were being pulled from her gut.
The cries and wails of the restless souls bounced off of.
His wails of anguish could be heard from quite a distance.
Where are you, she wails, in an unknown, emotional tone.
The night was broken by wails of grief and the hushed sobs of joy.
The cries and wails of their daughters, sons and bloodlike friends.
Stop! wails Christina as Molly pulls her foot back to kick again.
If a child or infant is left neglected, its wails will alert the community.
Now, they heard the cries and wails not just of one but of several children.
Serenity filled Dane as silence took the place of Athens’ anguished wails.
I wrung out the pain and hurt into huge chunks of tears and wails of despair.
Amongst the spearmen there were tears and wails, and the sounds seemed as dark as the night.
Right on through the laughter and the wails of fake pain, I went forward with the discussion.
She followed the wails, and came upon her son’s clothes, ripped and torn, stamped into the mud.
Satisfied with the wails of pain from the people the captain told the soldier to turn off the weapon.
Their wails echoed down to the fighters as they ascended far into the heights of Guardon’s fortress.
The screams were the kind of soul-churning wails that they had heard before, and did not wish to hear again.
There were smiles, frowns, screams, and wails; there were tears, laughs, upturned noses, and terrified stares.
Even fifty yards away, they could still hear Dunit’s wails, Donnowarru’s shouts, and the explosions of honoi.
Although she couldn’t hear his wails, she could see his face, and she could see he was in terrible pain and agony.
There was no one to be seen, but beyond the western wall there sounded cries and moaning wails that made Octavia tremble.
They had not traversed many steps of the long main staircase when he stopped, and stared at the roof and round at the wails.
Miserably Koke listened to the muttered prayers, wails of grief, and pained groans from those held within the hold of the ship.
The moans turned to wails as the storm picked the city up on a wave ridge only to drop it in the next moment into a deep trough.
The distant wails of the Grievers grew closer as the night stretched on, every minute seeming to last longer than the one before it.
The wails of people all around him, trapped by their own fear and the gas that Tres developed, echo from one side of the stadium to the other.
His heart-wrenching sobs were interrupted by the sucking of air and enhanced by the mechanical translation of his wails through the voice box.
He is not spared the sounds: the pathetic wails of surrender that emanate from the man who lies beneath them, the thuds over his being, destroying him.
The baby wails uncontrollably when it hears the loud bickering, making the princess backhand her servant, as she frequently does, though usually not with such force.
The screams and wails from their wounded grated on our nerves and in the stark white light from the flares you could see an arm that had emerged from the pile and was raised to heaven.
Shock on the faces of the audience…randy and siblings nod in satisfaction, ebele’s mum rends her hair and wails, sikira and Kemi shed tears, Mrs Graham shakes her head in disbelief.
Christina’s wails of loss behind me pierced through me with awful force, but the worst was the sight of the big Samoan crumpled over on his knees by the broken door sobbing his heart out.
He lay in a crumpled mound as the stunned silence was shattered by screams and wails, and the people on each side of his body scrambled over each other to get out of the now smoke- and dust-filled church.

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The wail of a siren.
In it they will wail.
Then he let out a wail.
I could not sob and wail.
A shrill wail was heard.
And the wail of the loon.
A wail - soft but chilling.
With a deep mournful wail, he.
They could not laugh nor wail;.
The sob again, and then the wail.
It was the wail of a young child.
He uttered a child’s wail of pain.
What a perverse market, people wail.
Of serfs the farewell wail have given.
Life without Suraj was bore and wail.
But can he have a son? No, they wail.
There was a wail of grief and frustration.
Many will cry and wail at the end but I.
Two of her alarmed children began to wail.
The envied owl's sad note, the wail of woe.
The wail of the mothers and wives is heard.
I could hear the wail of sirens closing in.
The wail and then the sob and then the wail.
The harsh wail makes a monoculture around it.
Somewhere in the city, a siren began a low wail.
He cries, but the wail doesn’t rise in pitch.
Suddenly the child began to wail and to scream.
A whining wail that faded as his breath ran out.
He kicked his legs and let out a fresh new wail.
In the far distance they heard the wail of a siren.
The Indians once more set up a feeble wail of fear.
She collapsed on the couch and let out another wail.
As soon as he opened it a wail of sirens poured in.
I heard the wail of trumpets and the clash of arms.
The siren wail sharpens, and the sound pierces Ciere.
In this position she produced an almost furious wail.
It was midday, and a faint wail hung in the stairwell.
The raw wail of scraping metal resonated as the SOLDIER.
Hey! I’m always ready to wail ass on the drums!.
The wind sighed in, bringing another faint wail with it.

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