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Warch in a sentence | warch example sentences

  1. Marri stumbled but Warch caught him.
  2. Warch brought his wrist to his mouth.
  3. Jack Warch, Kabir Gadai said quietly.
  4. He’s fine, Warch said in a reassuring tone.
  5. The groan that followed came from Warch, not Marri.

  6. Warch hesitated for a moment and then reached into his pocket.
  7. There was a hesitant knock on the refrigerator door and Warch opened it a crack.
  8. Jack Warch, the consultant who had been so much trouble, was nowhere to be seen.
  9. With the exception of him and Warch, everyone in the room was a professional cook.
  10. Warch was a former Secret Service executive who had started a private security firm a few years back.
  11. They found Jack Warch standing with his back against the bars, scanning the area in a calculated pattern.
  12. This time Warch greeted the Pakistani soldier manning the security station by name and asked after one of his children.
  13. Warch had moved as close as was practical to the secretary of state and his eyes were silently taking in the positions of the guests, his men, and Pakistani security.
  14. A former Secret Service executive named Jack Warch was spearheading the American side of the security measures and he seemed almost childlike in his need to question every detail.
  15. The Americans seemed prepared for his arrival, and it was hard not to notice that all the security checkpoints had been manned by Pakistanis whom Warch was on friendly terms with.

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