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Weaknesses in a sentence

Look for weaknesses and problems.
What are the weaknesses of the model?
I know your weaknesses, that look said.
Knowing the strengths and weaknesses of.
The weaknesses of these conclusions are:.
Eastern thought has two grave weaknesses.
He knew its weaknesses and its strengths.

Weaknesses in a purely Biochemical Theory.
Weaknesses of the Industry Analyst System.
All these and a thousand other weaknesses.
What are the weaknesses of the business?
Not that either of us have many weaknesses.
One of its weaknesses was its delay factor.
Its strengths and weaknesses, what are the.
The good news is a lot of those weaknesses.
Of course, like all men, Gadai had weaknesses.
He knew his weaknesses and was afraid of them.
You had to study his strengths and weaknesses.
He is showing that He knows your weaknesses.
They knew Faith’s weaknesses as well as I did.
The congressman spoke candidly of his weaknesses.
If he had any weaknesses, they were psychological.
And which of us has not weaknesses of his own?’.
And which of us has not weaknesses of his own?
Give ’em a chance to resist their own weaknesses.
It’s not my fault that he shows such weaknesses.
She would use her strengths against their weaknesses.
Then there was Nick, the man who knew her weaknesses.
Enablers thrive on the weaknesses and needs of others.
After ten years my weaknesses had become my strengths.
Our tendency is to overlook the faults and weaknesses.
He was one of her few weaknesses, now that he was gone.
BISHOP HIGBOLD: Nobody is without any weaknesses or sins.
We should also evaluate our own strengths and weaknesses.
Once, in the car, his sweet wife confessed her weaknesses.
Such a question assumed weaknesses on the part of all of us.
And we will never compensate for conflicts and weaknesses.
So far, I had seen only strengths and no weaknesses from him.
I will be able to enumerate their strengths and weaknesses.
Grouching and brooding over failures and weaknesses won't help.

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