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Wearer in a sentence

The ring chooses its wearer.
They must obey the wearer of the Cap.
Firstly, it protects the wearer from the.
Perhaps having a fur coat emboldened its wearer.
The name came from the factthat the wearer, in.
The wearer was on stable piquet, and could hardly walk.

These identified the wearer as the favoured son, the one the rest of the sons, the.
She often boasted that her creations would bring the wearer love or wealth or luck.
White caught just a glimpse of it before its wearer jerked it back into the shadows.
Then the wearer of the glove had to open the doors to the elders with the eighth key.
The idea of the coat of meany colours is that it is so made as to ensure that the wearer.
Then she remembered him saying about how the ring was tied into the heartbeat of the wearer.
The expression on his face had suggested an urge by its wearer to spit into Cambridge's eye.
This first line is May the wearer of this necklace feel the pain of those she hurt tenfold.
It imparted to the wearer a kind of sacredness, which enabled her to walk securely amid all peril.
I would not advise using it very often but in times of great need, the wearer would be unbeatable.
To them, the Death’s Head indicated that the wearer had murdered one of the movement’s enemies.
Designed to protect the wearer from the vampiric Shades by casting a halo of light all around the body.
The wearer could forego defending themselves, and focus instead on eliminating their enemy as quickly as possible.
But, in no long time after the physician's death, the wearer of the scarlet letter disappeared, and Pearl along with her.
Every single tooth on their necklaces came directly from a shark that the wearer had actually killed in hand-to-hand combat.
On the other hand, the type of high heels you want to avoid would be the ankle straps, since it can make its wearer look shorter.
It was clear to me from the strength of the glasses that the wearer must have been very blind and helpless when deprived of them.
It was clear to me, from the strength of the glasses, that the wearer must have been very blind and helpless when deprived of them.
Many times a tongue piece was enhanced with spikes to discourage speaking and some also had chains attached to secure the wearer in public places.
He possessed a secret treasure that had come to him long ages ago, when he still lived in the light: a ring of gold that made its wearer invisible.
Identification slips, which should contain in tabulated form the name, rank, regiment, and next of kin of the wearer, were not supplied to the troops.
It was the same concept as the anular field that kept air from leaking out of the Shuttlebay, only this field completely encapsulated the belt’s wearer.
It would take several dozen very intelligent, very powerful, and very determined wizards to harm the wearer of this ring, and it would take them a long time.
Hester Prynne, said he, fixing his naturally stern regard on the wearer of the scarlet letter, there hath been much question concerning thee, of late.
CUFF OF CRUCE: A cuff made of silver and gold, set with bloodred stones; an ancient Fae relic that protects the wearer against all Fae and many other creatures.
Not only was the dress pretty, but the wearer too, and the unspoken pain gnawing at her heart imparted only an additional charm of tender gravity to her sweet face.
It wasn’t the ‘fashionable’ style of France, but the more enduring ‘classical’ simplicity that renders the wearer perfectly dressed no matter what the occasion.
They wore ill-fitting uniforms that were too large--because the wearer had sweated off so many pounds in the jungle, and creased--from resting a year at the bottom of a duffel bag.
How did she expect to survive the coming ordeal without the gifts? It was the cloak's responsibility to protect her and he knew from experience that if the wearer was unprepared, then he wasn't worn for long.
They also had a button that gave the wearer the option to speak to Bill in case their camera was lost or damaged, though transmitting wore the batteries out quickly, so it was recommended for emergency use only.
Bellingham's shoulder; while its wearer suggested that pears and peaches might yet be naturalized in the New England climate, and that purple grapes might possibly be compelled to nourish, against the sunny garden-wall.
It was a forcible type of the moral solitude in which the scarlet letter enveloped its fated wearer; partly by her own reserve, and partly by the instinctive, though no longer so unkindly, withdrawal of her fellow-creatures.
Not the sort with the crotch hanging halfway to the knees that makes the wearer look deformed, but the latest style in which the top is severely cut down so there’s only about fifteen centimetres from crotch to drawstring.

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