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Who in a sentence

1. The One Who is in.
2. He was the one who.
3. She was a woman who.
4. But who gives a fuck.
5. David was a man who.
6. It is you who should.
7. Happy is the one who.

8. The One Who is in you.
9. Who you think they are.
10. They are a people who.
11. The man who held Ali's.
12. It is they who are the.
13. A woman who lived there.
14. Anyone who has been to.
15. Who do you think I am?
16. In fact, it was he who.
17. He had no idea who the.
18. He’d know who she was.
19. Who wants to be one of.
20. It is you who is foolish.
21. The Man Who Loves Comets.
22. A nice girl who loves me.
23. For those who act in the.
24. That is the Jezebel who.
25. Be proud of who you are.
26. May I ask who you are?
27. There is no one who has.
28. Those who live by faith.
29. It is not me who say this.
30. We who are paired with a.
31. He who oppresses the poor.
32. But it was Alan who asked.
33. I mean, who needs a life.
34. Who cares? It is a buffet.
35. Who truly weep over those.
36. English, who could help me.
37. Guard, who rode on a horse.
38. A traveler who might have.
39. He is the One Who has the.
40. There were some of us who.
41. I need to know who that is.
42. Who knows what would have.
43. Who handed it over to Fred.
44. Sidhu, who was a thorough.
46. For those who would delude.
47. I don't know who it's from.
48. Who would say no to that?
49. The few who did come were.
50. Those who have a great cal.
51. The King Who Exalts Himself.
52. Who knew when that would be.
53. Who hath ears to hear, let.
54. Same with the turannoi who.
55. And it was you who did this.
56. It was Jason who spoke first.
57. I couldn’t hide who I was.
58. Those who are in the bible.
59. Who is she?’ It was hard.
60. Did he blow it? Who was the.
61. The couplefolk who had not.
62. We know who we are as we see.
63. Who would lose themselves in.
64. Those who want to seem more.
65. Do you know who Rocco was?
66. The priest who had appeared.
67. Who cares? They probably got.
68. I think he knew who it was.
69. A cherry who wouldn't listen.
70. Roman, who had been through.
71. Leaders are needed who have.
72. His wife, who was there with.
73. So who wants to start?
74. The one who died signed it in.
75. He knew exactly who she meant.
76. He was not a compromiser who.
77. Who can that be? Ah, Alastair.
78. For her part, Helen, who was.
79. He knows who you are, and he.
80. Angels are snotty, who would.
81. That is, those who were women.
82. Tom spotted Ifor, who was on.
83. But still, how and who would.
84. She did see a young man, who.
85. Do you know who they are?
86. And unlike us who never took.
87. Who fathers the drops of dew?
88. I still don't know who it was.
89. There are some who will, and.
90. It is you who wishes to fight.
91. First, who was patrolling the.
92. Woe to Those Who Rely on Egypt.
93. It was of a female who looked.
94. I just want to know who it was.
95. This lured out Trixy, who was.
96. JOYCE: Who initiated the kiss?
97. Who is this coming up from the.
98. It was a barefooted woman who.
99. Behold your mate who loves you.
100. And who would you have arrest.

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