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Who in a sentence

The One Who is in.
He was the one who.
She was a woman who.
But who gives a fuck.
David was a man who.
Happy is the one who.
It is you who should.

Who you think they are.
The One Who is in you.
They are a people who.
A woman who lived there.
It is they who are the.
Anyone who has been to.
He had no idea who the.
The man who held Ali's.
Who do you think I am?
Who wants to be one of.
In fact, it was he who.
He’d know who she was.
That is the Jezebel who.
Be proud of who you are.
For those who act in the.
Those who live by faith.
It is you who is foolish.
May I ask who you are?
A nice girl who loves me.
The Man Who Loves Comets.
There is no one who has.
We who are paired with a.
English, who could help me.
It is not me who say this.
Guard, who rode on a horse.
I mean, who needs a life.
Who cares? It is a buffet.
But it was Alan who asked.
Who truly weep over those.
He who oppresses the poor.
Who handed it over to Fred.
Sidhu, who was a thorough.
There were some of us who.

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