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Woman's in a sentence

It is a woman's.
'The woman's a witch.
A woman's face has no.
The woman's eyes lit up.
A woman's concern with.
But a woman's body and.
around the woman's throat.

owner a true woman's hero.
Has God spoken on woman's.
A woman's body at auction,.
Ma'am, your woman's wit--.
"Quint's and that woman's?".
resting by the young woman's.
My little woman's down there.
"That woman's yard," said Mrs.
A woman's voice answered him.
The fat woman's at peace now.
Or a woman's with her saucepan.
character within a woman's eyes.
"Hello," this woman's voice said.
for a tearful young woman's head.
The woman's pipe playing stopped.
well…the woman's health still.
First, it lifts the woman's hand.
for who can tell a woman's grief.
It was the old woman's little boy.

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