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Woodcutting in a sentence | woodcutting example sentences

  1. The afternoon they finished the woodcutting even Loken had to admit it was an impressive pile.
  2. He holds a heavy woodcutting axe in his left hand, and he looks dangerous in a coarse, unrefined sort of way.
  3. As they worked, Two Rivers instructed his young apprentice in the ways of woodcutting and the ways of Spirit.
  4. After the fire was smothered they gathered their tools and went forth into the forest for the day’s woodcutting.
  5. The general whose regiment had been inspected at Braunau was informing the prince that as soon as the action began he had withdrawn from the wood, mustered the men who were woodcutting, and, allowing the French to pass him, had made a bayonet charge with two battalions and had broken up the French troops.

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