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Wooden in a sentence | wooden example sentences

  1. It was a wooden box.
  2. This is a wooden chair.
  3. A pair of small wooden.
  4. Stir with a wooden spoon.
  5. There was a large wooden.

  6. I saw a small wooden tea.
  7. There was a wooden dresser.
  8. He flung his wooden pen away.
  9. He told me to use a wooden.
  10. The wooden square jars loose.
  11. The white wooden seats were.
  12. Wooden Ones Rot Away And The.
  13. She found a small wooden table.
  14. The old wooden bridge was empty.
  15. We settled into a wooden bench.

  16. Here's one: my old wooden pipe.
  17. It was a carved wooden bracelet.
  18. When they approached a wooden.
  19. Rows of moldy wooden doorways.
  20. A heavy wooden table had been.
  21. Mix with a wooden spoon until.
  22. I like this sack and wooden.
  23. Beside it was a big wooden box.
  24. We still had his wooden aerial.
  25. It was a real wooden door, with.

  26. He sat in a wooden chair in the.
  27. The big wooden church door opened.
  28. I looked up at the wooden timbers.
  29. That are struck with wooden bats.
  30. The same that had the wooden leg.
  31. Rhone came down on a wooden seat.
  32. It had a seven foot wooden fence.
  33. The old wooden rocker was slowly.
  34. To my left, a wooden beam crashed.
  35. The wooden floor felt like sponge.
  36. The next was a simple wooden cross.
  37. She saw Gabriel on a wooden stake.
  38. He rolled over on the wooden floor.
  39. The wooden houses, quaint and brown.
  40. This stuff came in wooden barrels.
  41. He followed her to a large wooden.
  42. These wooden panels were interesting.
  43. Burman layed the top of the wooden.
  44. They stopped at a solid wooden door.
  45. He knocked on the heavy, wooden door.
  46. We were in some sort of wooden shack.
  47. Is around long wooden tables covered.
  48. There was nothing in this wooden shoe.
  49. It was brass with a dark wooden back.
  50. A wooden box on a chair in the corner.
  51. Do you have any wooden stakes?
  52. He unfolded the rag and put a wooden.
  53. It felt good to touch its wooden grip.
  54. I shrank into my upright wooden chair.
  55. Remember wooden stakes and werewolves.
  56. The loud thud on the wooden floor 264.
  57. The game comes with 36 colorful wooden.
  58. This happened to the old wooden bridge.
  59. The wooden door kicked open with a bang.
  60. Her toes curled around the wooden frame.
  61. Keeping the Conditions of Wooden Decks.
  62. Rotting wooden bunk beds lined one wall.
  63. The wooden desk had seen many years as.
  64. He sat opposite her at the wooden table.
  65. In one corner, next to his small wooden.
  66. I used to run round on a big wooden ball.
  67. Would the wooden key turn the tumblers?
  68. Oh, he operates an old wooden gillnetter.
  69. Wooden guard towers stood at each corner.
  70. She opened the wooden door and walked in.
  71. And he is a man with a wooden leg?
  72. The wooden plough too wasn't always used.
  73. Halfway up the bare wooden stairs was a.
  74. We went to the garage and sat on wooden.
  75. Once it roosted chickens: bolted wooden.
  76. A wooden square with a rope attached to it.
  77. What was wanted done of a wooden idol is.
  78. He fell down with his head on the wooden.
  79. Maggie pushed open the wooden kitchen door.
  80. Ailia leaned across the wooden counter top.
  81. The wooden cross off the dormitory wall.
  82. The chariot had a wooden cage in its back.
  83. He was carrying a wooden box in his hands.
  84. I tightly crated the machine in a wooden.
  85. We sat down at his small, old wooden table.
  86. It was a wooden door, which was good for.
  87. He grabbed the wooden table with his hands.
  88. Wooden legs were the stout trunks of trees.
  89. Merthin and Thomas got their wooden shovels.
  90. He held in his hands a twisted wooden staff.
  91. Then passing a bar with a wooden door, he.
  92. In the office, there were a couple wooden.
  93. The wooden plough too wasn’t always used.
  94. The tiny house had sparse wooden furniture.
  95. A portable wooden chest overlaid with gold.
  96. She peered around one of the wooden crates.
  97. Soon it loomed over him, a wooden monolith.
  98. Next she chopped several wooden clogs and.
  99. Some rode velocipedes, others wooden horses.
  100. He was trying to reach out with his wooden.

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