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Woodlot in a sentence | woodlot example sentences

  1. I climbed and stood at his side in the hallway as he turned for the door out to the woodlot.
  2. Probably because woodlot in question was so far from the town and on the far side of the stream.
  3. The entrance to my old tunnel was hidden cunningly behind a decades old deadfall in the woods beyond the woodlot.
  4. It was surrounded by a broad belt of farmland, which had been interspersed with occasional areas of woodlot, most of it second-growth terrestrial imports.
  5. Yet this hadn’t corresponded to his fantasy, painstakingly built up in a small woodlot outside of his home town, with rabbits, foxes; and the occasional turkey vulture.

  6. Their hill rose above a thin belt of second-growth woodlot, between it and the river that supplied the town’s water, which had somehow so far managed to avoid the woodsman’s axe.

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