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Woodman in a sentence | woodman example sentences

  1. I am a Woodman, and made of tin.
  2. Woodman CBJ, Collins SI, Young LS.
  3. The Tin Woodman came to her and said:.
  4. Ultimately, Woodman got in front of a trend.
  5. But the Tin Woodman would not let her do this.

  6. The Scarecrow and the Tin Woodman were rather.
  7. But the Woodman promptly chopped off the branch.
  8. Turning to the Tin Woodman, she asked, What will.
  9. Then the Tin Woodman went back to his friends, who.
  10. Woodman were waiting to hear what Oz had said to her.
  11. It was lucky the Scarecrow and the Woodman were wide.
  12. It was fortunate the Tin Woodman had no heart at that.
  13. Like Nick Woodman, she saw a need and moved to fill it.
  14. If it’s a legal matter, send it to Herb Fisher at Woodman & Weld.
  15. The woodman that takes his axe and jug with him shall take me with.

  16. So he sprang into the water, and the Tin Woodman caught fast hold of his tail.
  17. But the Woodman had seen them coming, and the Scarecrow had decided what to do.
  18. It was the rarest thing that she met a woodman, or children picking whortleberries.
  19. Even the Scarecrow and the Tin Woodman could sit on it, and were drawn swiftly by.
  20. The Tin Woodman and the Scarecrow are destroyed, and the Lion is tied up in your yard.
  21. But being only tin, the Woodman was not at all afraid, although he was much disappointed.
  22. When a big branch bent down to seize him the Woodman chopped at it so fiercely that he cut it in two.
  23. At once the tree began shaking all its branches as if in pain, and the Tin Woodman passed safely under it.
  24. The Scarecrow and the Woodman now began to fasten the mice to the truck, using the strings they had brought.
  25. But the Scarecrow and the Tin Woodman, not being made of flesh, were not troubled by the scent of the flowers.

  26. So the Tin Woodman was forced to return sorrowfully to his friends and tell them of the terrible Beast he had seen.
  27. The Lion climbed the ladder next, and the Tin Woodman came last; but both of them cried, "Oh, my!" as soon as they.
  28. Then the Tin Woodman wept for several minutes, and she watched the tears carefully and wiped them away with the towel.
  29. Woodman figured out how to add value to millions of lives by making the new technology convenient, fun, and affordable.
  30. There were forty wolves, and forty times a wolf was killed, so that at last they all lay dead in a heap before the Woodman.
  31. Indeed, the Tin Woodman began to cry, but fortunately remembered that he might rust, and so dried his tears on Dorothy's apron.
  32. They traveled that day and part of the next until they came to the rocky plain where the Tin Woodman lay, all battered and bent.
  33. Dorothy was once more filled with the hope of getting home, and the Scarecrow and the Tin Woodman were glad to be of use to her.
  34. And the Tin Woodman saw that his terrible Beast was nothing but a lot of skins, sewn together, with slats to keep their sides out.
  35. So they lay down among the sweet smelling yellow flowers and slept soundly until morning--all but the Scarecrow and the Tin Woodman.
  36. The tinsmiths looked the Woodman over carefully and then answered that they thought they could mend him so he would be as good as ever.
  37. Some of the Monkeys seized the Tin Woodman and carried him through the air until they were over a country thickly covered with sharp rocks.
  38. But when the Woodman entered the great Throne Room he saw neither the Head nor the Lady, for Oz had taken the shape of a most terrible Beast.
  39. The field mouse, now that it was freed from its enemy, stopped short; and coming slowly up to the Woodman it said, in a squeaky little voice:.
  40. They walked along as fast as they could, Dorothy only stopping once to pick a beautiful flower; and after a time the Tin Woodman cried out: "Look!".
  41. Here they dropped the poor Woodman, who fell a great distance to the rocks, where he lay so battered and dented that he could neither move nor groan.
  42. At night, unable to sleep, I completed an introduction for Astragal, a monograph on William Blake, and meditations on Yves Klein and Francesca Woodman.
  43. Three days yet he tarried, because he could not drag himself away from that earth, but on the fourth day he thanked the woodman, and said to Gorvenal:.
  44. To be sure, there were several patches on him, but the tinsmiths did a good job, and as the Woodman was not a vain man he did not mind the patches at all.
  45. The bees came and found no one but the Woodman to sting, so they flew at him and broke off all their stings against the tin, without hurting the Woodman at all.
  46. Then there was the bad trade he made of his fossil stones and shell collection with Charlie Woodman for a Tarzan clay statue you got by saving up macaroni box tops.
  47. And as bees cannot live when their stings are broken that was the end of the black bees, and they lay scattered thick about the Woodman, like little heaps of fine coal.
  48. So the Woodman raised his axe, and as the Wildcat ran by he gave it a quick blow that cut the beast's head clean off from its body, and it rolled over at his feet in two pieces.
  49. The Tin Woodman was about to reply when he heard a low growl, and turning his head (which worked beautifully on hinges) he saw a strange beast come bounding over the grass toward them.
  50. He seized his axe, which he had made very sharp, and as the leader of the wolves came on the Tin Woodman swung his arm and chopped the wolf's head from its body, so that it immediately died.
  51. Then the Stork with her great claws grabbed the Scarecrow by the arm and carried him up into the air and back to the bank, where Dorothy and the Lion and the Tin Woodman and Toto were sitting.
  52. As it came nearer the Tin Woodman saw that running before the beast was a little gray field mouse, and although he had no heart he knew it was wrong for the Wildcat to try to kill such a pretty, harmless creature.
  53. But as the heralds rode to Carduel, Iseult sent to Tristan secretly her squire Perinis: and he ran through the underwood, avoiding paths, till he found the hut of Orri, the woodman, where Tristan for many days had awaited news.
  54. And when the tinsmiths came, bringing with them all their tools in baskets, she inquired, "Can you straighten out those dents in the Tin Woodman, and bend him back into shape again, and solder him together where he is broken?".
  55. Senhor Enrique Flor presided at the organ with his wellknown ability and, in addition to the prescribed numbers of the nuptial mass, played a new and striking arrangement of Woodman, spare that tree at the conclusion of the service.
  56. It was, indeed, a great yellow Wildcat, and the Woodman thought it must be chasing something, for its ears were lying close to its head and its mouth was wide open, showing two rows of ugly teeth, while its red eyes glowed like balls of fire.
  57. The Tin Woodman began to use his axe at once, and, just as the two Kalidahs were nearly across, the tree fell with a crash into the gulf, carrying the ugly, snarling brutes with it, and both were dashed to pieces on the sharp rocks at the bottom.
  58. He looked at her face and himself in the mirror and then at her face again as she said, Tomorrow morning I'll get up at seven and wash behind my ears; I'll run to church with Charlie Woodman; I'll picnic at Electric Park; I'll swim, run barefoot, fall out of trees, chew spearmint gum.
  59. So they set to work in one of the big yellow rooms of the castle and worked for three days and four nights, hammering and twisting and bending and soldering and polishing and pounding at the legs and body and head of the Tin Woodman, until at last he was straightened out into his old form, and his joints worked as well as ever.
  60. Before daybreak he would awake, leave the inn after rigorously paying his bill, and reaching the forest, he would, under pretence of making studies in painting, test the hospitality of some peasants, procure himself the dress of a woodcutter and a hatchet, casting off the lion's skin to assume that of the woodman; then, with his hands covered with dirt, his hair darkened by means of a leaden comb, his complexion embrowned with a preparation for which one of his old comrades had.
  61. Forth goes the woodman, leaving, unconcerned,.
  62. The Scarecrow watched the Woodman while he worked,.

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