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Woodrush in a sentence | woodrush example sentences

  1. Bourne served out of Duluth on the Woodrush (WLB-407).
  2. The 350-mile long, 160-mile wide Lake Superior challenged the Woodrush and subsequent cutters with its cold and stormy waters.
  3. Maintaining and monitoring the large ATN buoys on the Lake is just one of the responsibilities of the cutter crews on the Inland Seas (The USCGC Woodrush, ca.
  4. The former Coast Guard officer traced the history of the construction of “USCG buoy tenders at 3 Duluth shipyards during the 1940s: the Woodrush, Woodbine, Acacia, Firebush, and others” (“Fleischmann,” April 2005).
  5. The Woodrush was later equipped with advanced technology to assist in the search for the doomed lake carrier and then to film the Fitzgerald at its final resting place on the lake bottom just off White Fish Bay (Schumacher, pp.

  6. Captain Paquette heralded the courage of Captain Jimmie Hobaugh (USCG) and the crew of the cutter Woodrush which sailed out of the port of Duluth (Minnesota) during the storm and pounded through high seas for 22 hours to reach the wreck site.

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