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Woodsman in a sentence | woodsman example sentences

  1. The woodsman was livid beneath his mask of blood.
  2. The woodsman glanced at his bandaged arm and sighed.
  3. The rest of the property was untouched by the woodsman.
  4. Martin watched the tall woodsman disappear into the trees.
  5. The shaman stepped back; his hand waved toward the woodsman.

  6. These were the time honored traits of a true master woodsman.
  7. The woodsman looked at it as if he had never seen this kind of a weapon before.
  8. The deliberate woodsman had little occasion to hunt for arguments to enforce his advice.
  9. He stared down at the woodsman who had stopped in a clearing and was looking up at them.
  10. The woodsman sighed and stared at his calloused hand, worn from contact with ax-haft and sword-hilt.
  11. A true woodsman keeps his eyes open, sees everything, misses nothing, and leaves no trace of his passing.
  12. Martin’s thoughts were on what was going on around him and he couldn’t stop thinking about the woodsman.
  13. Steve was an experienced woodsman but wouldn’t be able to cope with the cold if he was out there overnight.
  14. Jarek, being an expert woodsman, kept in contact with you by phone and went searching while I waited in the car.
  15. Trimming and sawing took as much time and more effort, and by the time he drove back to the house some of the romance of being a woodsman had fled.

  16. They paused to permit the longing and lingering gaze of the sturdy woodsman, and when it was ended, the body was enveloped, never to be unclosed again.
  17. Eyeing the sad spectacle with an angry countenance, the sturdy woodsman, for the first time since his entering the plain, spoke intelligibly and aloud:.
  18. Casting aside their cloaks Munro and Heyward were on their feet while the woodsman was still making his low calls, at the entrance of the rude shelter where they had passed the night.
  19. Zeno handed out ten beautifully printed, named certificates stating that the bearer had earned the honourable title of Woodsman because of his insight, appreciation of, and experience in the natural environment.
  20. From such undeniable testimony did the practised woodsman arrive at the truth, with nearly as much certainty and precision as if he had been a witness of all those events which his ingenuity so easily elucidated.
  21. Then, as if satisfied with the force of his own reasons, whatever might be their effect on the opinions of the other disputant, the honest but implacable woodsman turned from the fire, content to let the controversy slumber.
  22. At the precise moment when his ungainly person came under the observation of the scout, in the manner just mentioned, the woodsman himself, though in his assumed character, was the subject of the solitary being's profounded reflections.
  23. The hunt was successful; two bears were bagged, and they were dining before their journey home, when the woodsman, in whose hut they were stopping, came to tell them that the deacon's daughter had come and wished to see Prince Nekhludoff.
  24. Not in the least offended with the decided preference that the sturdy woodsman gave to one who might, in some degree, be called the child of his adoption, Duncan still continued to urge such reasons against so desperate an effort as presented themselves.
  25. The arrival of flags to cover the messengers of summons, had occurred so often of late, that when Heyward first threw his careless glance on this group, he expected to see another of the officers of the enemy, charged with a similar office but the instant he recognized the tall person and still sturdy though downcast features of his friend, the woodsman, he started with surprise, and turned to descend from the bastion into the bosom of the work.

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