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Woodsy in a sentence | woodsy example sentences

  1. It lent a woodsy smell to the arcade.
  2. Could the irritation have been caused by a woodsy.
  3. The ideal time for the woodsy trek would be late spring.
  4. He squeezed Athens gently, breathing in her woodsy scent.
  5. They’d moved out of the city to a woodsy setting up the coast.

  6. As I put on my shirt, it had Cassius’ familiar woodsy scent mixed in I loved so much.
  7. She just turned sixty last year, why? She leaned into him, filling her nostrils with his woodsy scent.
  8. The day seemed fresher to him than any other and he took deep breaths of the woodsy scent that pervaded the air.
  9. Deciding not to mention the woodsy pathway on the far side, I nevertheless suggested that we stop to water the horses.
  10. In the safety of her master’s study his silent gaze upon her was unsettling, as was the woodsy masculine smell of him.
  11. A woodsy backyard with bird feeders, mulch pathways, and electric fountains wasting water, except it never really is wasted because it always returns to what it once was while you sit and watch and always reappear next to the small peaceful stream.

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