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Woody in a sentence | woody example sentences

  1. More recently, Woody Guthrie Sr.
  2. Woody and Melanie had teary eyes.
  3. The Complete Prose of Woody Allen.
  4. Afterward, Woody received his change.
  5. The drawer slid open with a woody squeak.

  6. He reached to caress one of the woody vines.
  7. Woody didnt say a word for three long hours.
  8. Then I noticed that there were woody strands.
  9. As Woody Allen told us earlier, you have to show up.
  10. In both woody and grassy places in summer and autumn.
  11. Melanie and I grinned at Woody indicating a thumbs-up.
  12. I asked Woody to pull over but to keep his engine running.
  13. Avoid any that are hard and woody or with irritant hairs.
  14. As soon as we received our order Woody said the customary.
  15. Tried eating one, he was that hungry but it was too woody.

  16. Woody then returned to his van and drove back onto the highway.
  17. Each one of us can stand on a plot of land and affirm as Woody.
  18. Excessive care during the summer can cause the plants to turn woody.
  19. Amonas ran a finger on it and sampled it, the taste woody and bitter.
  20. Woody Allen once said that 90 per cent of success at anything was just.
  21. Longbottom and by Sarn Ford, I hear; and some more lurking in the Woody.
  22. Woody pulled out his wallet and handed the BURGER JOINT worker some money.
  23. We come to the end of the thickets; there are no woody plants growing beyond here.
  24. I felt that Woody had eaten at the BURGER JOINT before but didnt bring up the subject.
  25. I went to school at Michigan State when Woody Hayes was the football coach at Ohio State.

  26. Tendrils of a woody, vine-like plant with fern-like appendages hung down in huge swooping fronds.
  27. He was a big influence on Freddie Hubbard, Woody Shaw, Wynton Marsalis, Lee Morgan and Donald Byrd.
  28. I tried to remember the Brandywine, and Woody End, and The Water running through the mill at Hobbiton.
  29. They are annual orperennial herbaceous vines, bines and (a few species of) woody shrubs, growing to 0.
  30. I probably have a woody back in the city, where my human body is,’ Jaden says to himself while blushing.
  31. What was it Woody Allen said? ‘Comedy is tragedy plus time?’ I'd give it at least another few weeks.
  32. Puerari Tuberosa (Vidarikand): The main benefit of this woody, climbing vine is its power as an aphrodisiac.
  33. Now, due to the intense cold, the woody vines were extinguished, the only handholds mossy wet cracks in the rock.
  34. That was a woody hill with live oaks dark green against the parched grass where the coyotes sang on moonlit nights.
  35. The growth was becoming a jungle, with creepers, woody plants, and succulent plants that didn’t support your weight.
  36. As soon as we were fifty miles north of Ottawa Woody gently nudged me indicating that this is where I should disembark.
  37. I struggled along the woody path, intent to keep up with Nick, even though he didn’t seem to want to make it easy on me.
  38. After we ate, Woody collected the garbage and then tossed it into a dumpster across the street on the edge of the mini-park.
  39. Woody drove to the drive-thru and then came to a halt as soon as we were parallel to the BURGER JOINT drive thru booth he spoke.
  40. The area was rocky and carpeted with ribbonleaves with small golden berries on short stems growing from the woody centers of their leaves.
  41. One only he saw,—a sleek gray fellow, flattened against a gray dead limb so that he seemed a part of it, a woody excrescence upon the wood itself.
  42. I always thought myself in the position described by Woody Allen in one of his movies: More than any other time in history, mankind faces a crossroads.
  43. Jorobté (pronounced hore – obe –TAY – Latin name Cornutia grandifolia) is a woody shrub native to Central America from Mexico through Panama.
  44. A period of starvation in the water tank is also stressful for the lobster, which is even more damaging to the quality; the meat will become hard and woody.
  45. The room was at least fifteen feet by fifteen feet and was rather boring to be honest with you, save for the Woody Woodpecker cartoon that was playing in the background.
  46. Nevertheless, the Great Illusion persists, maybe because, like Woody Allen’s film character Zelig, the market is a chameleon that changes its appearance to suit the times.
  47. Tells you something ‘bout Woody, huh? Anyway, in this dumb cops-gone-wrong epic, the goal was to rip off the NYC subway car that picks up all the ticket change ($37 million or so).
  48. My desire for forward momentum—even when the lack thereof was illusory—roughly resembled that of Woody Allen in that classic scene from Annie Hall where he breaks up with Diane Keaton.
  49. So then I took the bearings of a woody island that was down the river a piece, and as soon as it was fairly dark I crept out with my raft and went for it, and hid it there, and then turned in.
  50. She thanked the gods that she had not been gagged and could speak, but she wondered who if anyone would hear her cries in such a woody and remote area rendered even more vacant by the weather.
  51. The next day, the sixteenth, I went up the same way again; and after going something further than I had gone the day before, I found the brook and the savannahs cease, and the country become more woody than before.
  52. Great diversity in the size of two plants, one being woody and the other herbaceous, one being evergreen and the other deciduous, and adaptation to widely different climates, does not always prevent the two grafting together.
  53. The bell rang, I strolled to my chair, and sat down sort of hunched over to hide the woody that Dirty Diana Woodgrow had started – and I tried not to look too much at Julie, who sat next to me, and was wearing a short skirt with flirty bobby sox.
  54. One of his last publications was a foreword to Alan Lomax, Woody Guthrie, and Pete Seeger’s Hard Hitting Songs for Hard-hit People (New York, 1967), in which he writes that you can learn more about people by listening to their songs than in any other way.
  55. Here was his laugh in a dark movie theater, his unpunk love of the films of Woody Allen, not for any of the obvious ways they flattered his sensibility, but for something he called their tragic sense, which he compared to Chekhov’s (whom Mercer knew he had not read).
  56. Here is only a partial list of entertainers who have contributed to change for the better through their music: Marion Anderson; Harry Bellafonte; Bono; Arlo Guthrie; Woody Guthrie; Joe Hill; Billie Holiday; Keb’ Mo’; Phil Ochs; Tom Paxton; Peter, Paul and Mary; Paul Robeson; Pete Seeger; Smothers Brothers.
  57. All by his own request, also, biscuits were then ranged round the sides within: a flask of fresh water was placed at the head, and a small bag of woody earth scraped up in the hold at the foot; and a piece of sail-cloth being rolled up for a pillow, Queequeg now entreated to be lifted into his final bed, that he might make trial of its comforts, if any it had.
  58. And so he went on naming a number of knights of one squadron or the other out of his imagination, and to all he assigned off-hand their arms, colours, devices, and mottoes, carried away by the illusions of his unheard-of craze; and without a pause, he continued, People of divers nations compose this squadron in front; here are those that drink of the sweet waters of the famous Xanthus, those that scour the woody Massilian plains, those that sift the pure fine gold of Arabia Felix, those that enjoy the famed cool banks of the crystal Thermodon, those that in many and various ways divert the streams of the golden Pactolus, the.
  59. Slightly woody stems, such as those on azaleas, are best trimmed with sharp scissors,.

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