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Wools in a sentence | wools example sentences

  1. A picture of the balcony scene in Romeo and Juliet hung there and beside it was a picture of the two murdered princes in the Tower which Aunt Julia had worked in red, blue and brown wools when she was a girl.
  2. She prohibits the exportation from one province to another by water, and even the canriage by land upon horseback, or in a cart, of hats, of wools, and woollen goods, of the produce of America; a regulation which effectually prevents the.
  3. Her posthumous instructions were quite specific and Ken dug her ashes deep into the soft brown loam while his infant son sat wrapped in soft, white baby wools in his buggy, gurgling at the sky and staring out at the vaguely muscled shape of his perspiring father.
  4. And from the sleeves of her red jacket looked out two large hands with knotty joints, the dust of barns, the potash of washing the grease of wools had so encrusted, roughened, hardened these that they seemed dirty, although they had been rinsed in clear water; and by dint of long service they remained half open, as if to bear humble witness for themselves of so much suffering endured.
  5. But how could she? But later in his house, when they had dozed by the fire, he hadn't slept as much as Rosemary - he was used to cat-naps - and had spent most of the time awake, just looking at her, sleeping, sitting back straight on the big old couch with the knitted shawl around her; the last thing his Mother had knitted, for she was renowned for her knitting, before she finally took to her bed; the wools, in the muted colours of bog earth and heather with light touches of soft blue, like the morning sky reflecting on pale cornflowers.

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