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Workbooks in a sentence

1. Open the workbooks you want to open as a group.
2. Also, a list of external links to other workbooks.
3. Back then the materials consisted of a study manual, workbooks.
4. If other people open infected workbooks, the virus can be transmitted to their computers as well.
5. To use the template as the default for all new workbooks, save the template in the XLStart Folder.
6. She continued to sabotage my work, especially Excel workbooks, and bad mouthed me to field personnel.
7. For this reason, when the lesson was over and it came time to solve problems from their workbooks, Emma had nothing to do.

8. Thus all new workbooks that you create will be formatted based on the settings that you have specified in the template book.
9. The new law also requires publishers to discontinue bundled textbooks, referring to packages that typically consist of a textbook, CD-ROMS along with workbooks and Web tools.

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